Red pepper oil for hair: how to apply, benefit

In spring, many ladies once again remember the problem of hair loss. And it would be desirable on the contrary - that they were not "lost", but grew healthy and beautiful, and even with double speed - after all, the season of caps has ended and everyone wants to conquer with his curls! If you need a product that will accelerate the growth of hair and stop them as quickly as possible, then you are at the target. Meet: hair mask, enriched with red pepper oil!

Red pepper oil for hair: properties

The oil of red pepper for hair is simply "the best friend, companion and brother." It affects the skin cells, blood vessels, blood circulation and the hair follicles themselves. If we analyze this component under a microscope, we get the following picture:

- phenolic compound capsaicin (responsible for metabolic processes in the follicles, as well as the scalp),

- vitamins A and C (increase cell regeneration, protect hair),

- vitamin B6 (the most important component that "works" on the control of hair loss and increasing their density),

- potassium and iron (moisturize the skin, enrich it with oxygen),

- magnesium and fatty oils (strengthen the walls of blood vessels),

- Essential oils (soothe the scalp).

Well, and how can a mask not be effective with such a rich composition? And if you do such procedures, say, a month, your hair will grow quite solidly, by 3-4 centimeters, and your hairbrush will not be so "fluffy".

Precautions when using red pepper oil

However, before you start to actively use this tool, it is worth remembering: one of the main ingredients of red pepper oil - capsaicin - can also hurt. For example, burn the scalp. So use this tool with caution. First of all, do not buy oil if you have scratches or other damage to the scalp, vascular disease, or your hair is very dry. Well, of course, stop on the recipes of masks, in which there are emollient ingredients, paired with which the "harmful" capsaicin will not be so terrible.

Red pepper oil for hair: how to apply it correctly

To prepare home cosmetics, even simple ground pepper, or tincture of pepper for alcohol, will do. Before you mix all the components of the mask, test the spice by applying it to the skin area behind the ear - so you protect yourself from possible allergic reactions to the mask.

Important: this remedy is applied only to the roots of the hair. Protect them before application with olive oil , so as not to overdry them. The hair during this procedure should be dry and clean. Once you have applied the mask - put a cap on your head, from above - the towel is firmer, and keep them for 20 to 40 minutes. The mask is washed off by the warm water you used, with the help of shampoo. For maximum effect, you need to do 10 procedures, 1 or 2 per week.

"Burning" recipes for masks

Oily. Mix 2 tablespoons of any nutrient oil (you can take even castor) and 1 teaspoon of red pepper oil. Warm up a little in a water bath, lightly rub in the roots and hold for 30 minutes.

Multicomponent. Its recipe is: castor oil , calendula tincture, freshly squeezed onion juice, cognac, liquid honey, yolk and red pepper oil mix in equal proportions (all ingredients should be taken exactly 1 tablespoon). Rub into the scalp, leave the mask for an hour, and after it "soothe" the skin with balsam.

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