Macadamia oil for hair

Macadamia nuts are not a simple product. This Australian has long been considered sacred in his homeland (which, however, did not prevent people from using it as a "currency"). When he was recognized all over the world, for his unusual taste, and also for a variety of cosmetic and medicinal properties, he was recognized as King of all nuts on the planet.

Useful properties of macadamia oil for hair

His Majesty's composition is ideal for using macadamia oil for hair. Thanks to the high content of B vitamins , as well as vitamin E , it deeply nourishes and actively rejuvenates every hair. And if the hair is too dry, they will "taste" the fatty palmitic monounsaturated acid from the butter of this nut, similar to that produced by the human body. This acid protects, nourishes and moisturizes the scalp.

Who fits macadamia oil?

If you are faced with an unsuccessful experience of lightening , dyeing or perm hair, macadamia oil will help revitalize your hair. It is perfectly applied to the hair, caring for them along the entire length, having a strong therapeutic effect and returning the original appearance to the hair.

This natural oil will also be liked by weakened and dull hair, because it quickly strengthens them, gives strength, shine . After regular use, even the most problematic hair becomes, as from the picture - sparkling, energetic, beautiful.

Some cosmeticians call it "rapidly disappearing," because, thanks to its light structure, it absorbs very quickly, so it's convenient to use. Moreover - after absorption on hair there is no fat film, no greasy shine. An ideal solution for a modern woman who appreciates every spare minute: she has applied oil and you can escape!

Massage with macadamia oil for hair

It is perfect for head massage. After it near the hair follicles blood circulates better, so that the hair bulbs get more nutrition, and as a result - the hair will accelerate growth .

The procedure can be carried out at home, you will not need helpers. Massage is done this way: on clean pads of fingers, drip a couple drops of oil. Quickly (otherwise absorbed into the hand), start to massage the scalp, at least 3-5 minutes. The final stage - comb your hair.

Aromatic cleansing

This is a very pleasant procedure that will suit hair with fat roots and dry tips. All the benefits of oil are just the last. Such a combing is done simply: a couple of drops of oil should be applied to the comb, then comb the hair along the entire length. Important: choose comb from natural materials only.

Oily Compress

This is a "golden help" for dry hair, tipped tips or damaged strands. In a water bath, warm 2-3 tablespoons of oil. Put it on your hair, wrap it on top with a warm towel and leave the "turban" for the night. In the morning, wash your head with warm water.

Mask for strengthening and shine

2 tablespoons of macadamia oil and freshly squeezed juice from a quarter of the average lemon. Warm this mixture in a water bath, let it cool down a bit, then rub it into unwashed hair without residue. "Treated" you should have both tips and roots of hair. After 30 minutes you can wash your hair.

Healing duet with essential oils

This oil can not only be used in its pure form, but also combined with other oils. Say, with argan , castor, linseed or wheat germ oil. Basically take 1 tablespoon of each oil. If desired, to the resulting natural mask, you can add a few drops of essential oil : sandalwood, myrrh or ylang-ylang.

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