Cocoa butter for hair: properties, masks recipes

Cocoa butter is famous not only for its aromatic constituent, literally, which drives a sensual, delicate smell. It is, in its own way, a unique product containing caffeine and dopamine, vitamins A, D and E, antioxidants and amino acids, serotonin and saccharides, protein-fat components and tannins, cellulose and starch. That is why, cocoa butter for hair - an indispensable and necessary assistant, helping to care for damaged, weakened and dry hair, restoring their structure and returning a lively, silky shine.

Properties of cocoa butter

Cocoa butter gently affects the scalp and hair roots, returning them strength and mobility. A well-perceptible aroma of real bitter chocolate, which exudes oil, turns its use into the most pleasant procedure, reminiscent of aromatherapy.

Representing a piece of yellowish or white, the oil begins to melt, barely touching the skin, which allows the maximum use of it as a cosmetic.

How to use cocoa butter for hair

For example, the oil can be rubbed into the roots in a solid state, or you can pre-melt it with a water bath. By the way, cosmetologists use the second method more often, since warm cocoa butter for the hair begins to work much more efficiently. The third method of using oil in medical-aesthetic beauticians is that it is added as a component in the composition of various wraps, house masks , as well as in detergents and remedies.

Influencing the hair at the cellular level, the active components of cocoa butter smooth the hair, which immediately starts to shine and becomes extremely docile, so it is the cocoa butter for hair that is to be introduced into your arsenal of cosmetics "Sue's curls."

Masks with cocoa butter for hair

Nutritional characteristics of the oil will help restore the hair to the owners of brittle, thin and weakened hair. By the way, oil has enveloping qualities, so it can be applied before swimming in the pool or the sea - it can protect the head from the aggressive action of salt or chloride water. Masks, which are based on oil or even cocoa powder, can be done no more than 2 times in 7 days. And now, write down the recipes for the most effective masks with cocoa butter.

1. Mask with kefir , helping to stop hair loss. Its ingredients are a tablespoon of cocoa butter, heated with a water bath, a spoon of yogurt (yogurt) and yolk. After thoroughly mixing the components of the mask, you need to rub it into the roots with massage movements. Then the head is warmed with cellophane, a cap or a towel, and after an hour and a half it is washed off (the mask can be done 2-3 times in 7 days).

2. A mask from the leaves of rosemary , helping to strengthen the hair and give them shine. Initially, prepare infusion of leaves of rosemary (2 tablespoons dry grass per 100 ml of boiling water), then it is infused for about an hour, filtered and diluted with 2-4 tablespoons of heated cocoa butter. The mask is rubbed into the base of dry hair, distributed along their length, the head is wrapped in polyethylene and after 3 hours the mask is washed off.

3. Vitaminized mask for overdried or weakened hair. Heated cocoa butter is mixed with warm burdock oil (2-4 tablespoons depending on hair length), supplemented with vitamins E and A in the form of oils (5 drops), sold in any pharmacy, as well as grapefruit or orange oils. The mask is spread over the hair and washed off after one and a half to two hours.

4. Mask on the decoction of chamomile to prevent hair loss. For the mask you will need to prepare chamomile extract, using 2 tablespoons for this purpose. flowers and 100 ml of boiling water (insists about about 40 minutes). 2 tbsp. cocoa butter and the same amount of olive, burdock, sunflower or other vegetable oil. The mixture is supplemented with yolk and a few drops of ethereal rosemary .

Masks based on powdered cocoa

If you do not have cocoa butter at hand, you can use ordinary culinary cocoa powder. It is better to buy the lightest powder, because its acid-base level is as close as possible to the pH of the skin, giving the hair a darker, pleasant chocolate shade. The nutritional value of the powder is almost equal to that of the oil, but it is not so greasy, so it can be used by owners of fatty , rapidly salting hair.

1. Mask with apple cider vinegar to reduce the fat content of hair. For the mask you need to take apple cider vinegar , buckwheat or lime honey, kefir (or natural yogurt, sour milk), as well as 100 ml of cocoa powder. The mask turns out very active, therefore to keep on hair it follows no more than 10-15 minutes. By the way, before its application it is necessary to grease with petroleum jelly, fat cream or vegetable oil of the zone along the edge of hair growth (the back of the head, earplugs, temples and forehead) so that the skin on this site does not stain, and also close the neck and shoulders before using the mask with an old diaper.

2. Mask of milk and cocoa . This is a great way to "support" and restore weakened hair, and, quite cheap. So, 2-4 tablespoons. cocoa must be dissolved in hot, not necessarily boiled milk, add to the mixture coconut oil and jojoba oil or avocado (1 tablespoon), 2-3 drops of oily vitamin E, as well as a couple of droplets of essential oils - from lavender, cedar , lemon, geranium. The mask can be kept on the head for about an hour, after which the hair will become much more elastic, thicker, more shiny, and most importantly get better from the inside.

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