Grape seed oil for hair: how to apply, benefit

A few years ago, the fundamental research of scientists in the field of beauticians and biotechnology showed that one of the strongest antioxidants is grapes. Its active substances accelerate all the metabolic stages in cells dozens of times, slow down the oxidative process and rejuvenate every cell of the body.

Substances in grapes are not only in huge quantities, but also in high concentrations, especially, this statement is true about the content of fatty acids, amino acids, vitamin-mineral complex in the ossicles. All this turns grape seed oil into a universal tool for skin and hair care.

Grape seed oil for hair, in contrast to other oils is very light structure, so it is easily absorbed into the skin without leaving on the hair of fat glints. The use of oil can restore hair strength, silky, restore their structure and healthy shine. It moisturizes the skin, regulating the work of the sebaceous glands by feeding follicles, minimizes sweating, and all this together stimulates the rapid growth of each hair.

Grape seed oil for hair: composition

Grape seed oil includes chlorophyll, a vitamin complex consisting of vitamin A and C, E and F, PP, vitamin B group (B1-B3, B12, B9 and B6), protein, mineral complex (calcium, sodium and iron). Also in the bones was found a natural antioxidant called procyanide, arachine, oleic, stearic, linoleic and linolenic, palmitic and palmitoleic fatty acids.

The combination of all these antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, as well as chlorophyll with protein, turns grape seed extracts into a valuable product, an irreplaceable and topical product that can cure the most damaged, permanently dyed and weakened hair. With proper use, grape seed oil for hair becomes a true panacea that does not clog pores, but, conversely, narrowing them to the desired size.

Properties of grape oil for hair: composition

The content of vitamins E and C causes the restoring properties of this product, besides it does not cause allergic reactions, it is easily assimilated by skin cells. The use of oil is capable of:

- rid the hair of fat, seborrhea, dandruff;

- heal the combed areas on the skin and microcracks;

- cure purulent eruptions;

- remove irritation;

- prevent hair loss by restoring follicles;

- Moisten the hair to remove hair from brittleness, dryness and split ends;

- give a healthy look to the dull hair.

How to apply grape oil to hair

In order to enhance the effect of oil, you can combine the internal and external application of oil from grape seeds, drinking it for 1 tsp. every morning. It will improve the condition of the skin, hair, nails, helping to cope with cellulite on the abdomen and hips, mimic and deep wrinkles, flabbiness of hands and stretch marks .

Massage with grape seed oil will improve the circulation of blood in the capillaries, strengthen the root of the hair. To do this, it is necessary to heat a couple of spoons of oil, distribute it over the scalp, and then, with a wooden comb - along the strands of hair. The head should be well massaged with fingertips for 20 minutes, and then leave for another 20-40 minutes (if time suffices, then overnight). After that, you should wash your head with shampoo and balm.

Masks with grape seed oil

Grape seed oil for hair can be combined with other oils and ingredients used in home treatment masks. So:

1. To deeply nourish the hair, you need to mix jojoba oil , grape seed oil and wheat germ in the same proportions, distribute it by hair, paying special attention to their tips and roots. As a result, the head is wrapped in polyethylene and a bath towel. It is allowed to leave the mask at night.

2. To restore and moisturize the hair, as well as for damaged hair and hair that has been regularly stained, the following mask is suitable: a spoonful of olive oil and a spoon of grape oil are mixed with avocado pulp puree (it can be made in a blender), then no more is added to the mixture 5 drops of rosewood oil. You should wait 40 minutes until the components of the mixture react with each other, and then apply it to the head. The head is warmed with a cap, and after 30-45 minutes the mask is washed off with water and shampoo.

3. Mask for restoring the normal structure of hair and regulating fatty deposits. To create the mask, you need to mix 3 spoons of green dry clay with grape seed oil (2 tablespoons), add the essential oil of thyme or rosemary (up to 5 drops), mix everything to the consistency of a homogeneous creamy mass. Further the mask is distributed on roots and locks of hair, it is warmed by a cap and is washed off in 40-50 minutes by usual shampoo;

4. Shine and shine hair will give a mask of 100 ml of curdled milk or melted milk, which adds a teaspoon of flower or buckwheat honey, 3 tsp. Grape seed oil and banana puree, created in a blender. After 25 minutes, the mask is applied to the hair, and after 30 minutes it is washed off with a normal shampoo.

5. From hair loss, the mask will be saved on the basis of a "cocktail" made of heated burdock and grape oils, taken from a tablespoon diluted with 3-4 drops of ylang ylang oil. The mixture is neatly distributed throughout the hair, with special attention being paid to the roots, and after half an hour it is washed off with shampoo (at the end, you can rinse your head with an infusion of chamomile or acetic water that will shine the hair).

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