Mustard oil for hair: useful recipes

Essential oils are extremely often used in hairdressing art in order to deal with problem hair in a complex way. One of these cosmetics is mustard oil, which has an amazingly wide range of properties and characteristics.

With the help of mustard oil, even dull, often dyed hair that survives more than one lightening at home and waving for hours on end becomes alive, shiny, and resilient. These qualities are due to the presence in the oil of a wide range of useful components - microelements, vitamins, amino acids and acids.

Mustard oil for hair: composition

Especially appreciate the cosmetologists presence in oil:

- provitamin A in the form of carotene, which actively protects the hair from external factors, including the sun's rays, which give the hair a resemblance to that of straw;

- linolenic and linoleic acids , which are part of omega-6 fatty acids, due to which the broken fat metabolism processes are restored;

- polyunsaturated acids , which are part of omega-3 fatty substances. They affect damaged hair, make it shiny, thick, bulky;

- selenium and zinc , which affect the production of colored pigments, preventing the appearance of hair discoloration and their loss;

- Niacin in combination with calcium and iron , strengthening not only every hair, but also its bulb, literally, nourishing from the inside;

- groups of vitamins B, A, D, K, E enhancing the effect of biologically active components, so that the hair retains its real beauty;

- a group of vitamins A, P, K preventing hair loss and psoriasis.

Mustard essential oil is a first-class natural stimulant, triggering natural processes, normalizing the activity of the sebaceous glands and reducing the fat content of the hair. They become extremely flexible, capillary permeability in them improves, as well as in hair bulbs, early graying and hair loss are prevented, their growth accelerates and the effects of bacteria that cause dandruff are completely eliminated.

Masks with mustard oil for hair

Mask that stimulates hair growth is made by mixing 2 tbsp. "Store" balm and a spoonful of mustard essential oil. This mixture is applied to the roots with a brush or brush. The head should be wrapped in polyethylene, and then wrap the towel, put on a hat or a warm kerchief. The mask should be washed off after 30-35 minutes with shampoo.

A mask that prevents early gray hair or hair loss is allowed to be done daily. This is done simply: dry mustky hair is rubbed with warm mustard oil (its total quantity should not exceed a tablespoon).

The mask, which prevents early hair loss , is prepared as follows: a spoon of burdock and mustard oil is warmed up, mixed with a few drops of lime or lemon juice and applied to the scalp and hair roots. It is enough to hold the mask on your hair for half an hour, and then wash it off with a warm water.

Mustard oil for hair with essential oils

The effect of mustard oil is enhanced by combining it with those essential oils that also have a beneficial effect on hair. So, with hair loss, mustard essential oil is supplemented with ylang-ylang and verbena, aira, tea tree and lavender , rosewood and incense, rosemary , cedar and mint , pine, coriander and cypress. Such mixtures compete well with hair loss, and also stimulate the growth of new ones.

In order to strengthen the structure of the hairs, patchouli, geranium, rosemary, melissa, lemon, eucalyptus are added to the mustard oil.

Mustard oil for hair: drawbacks

Please note that mustard oil has a small number of "minuses", which include bad rinsing from the head, an unpleasant "ambre," and the fact that the oil leaves a non-aesthetic yellow stains on the laundry used in the work. The oil also gives the iridescent hair an iridescent golden color, in principle, it's not scary, on the contrary, it makes the hue of the hair richer, but in some cases it interferes, for example, if a woman is repainted in a platinum blonde.

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