Avocado oil for hair: useful properties, masks recipes

A remarkable natural product that favorably affects hair of all types is avocado oil, which today has been actively added to its lines by many of the leading brands in the field of beauticians. Any product, which includes this oil, maximizes the hair with a complex of components, softening, fluffing the hardening structure and at the same time improving them.

Properties of avocado oil for hair

Avocado oil for hair is obtained during the process of cold pressing of ripe fruits. Thanks to this technology, the richest set of vitamins (A and E, PP and K, B1-B2 and D), the minerals and fatty acids in the fruits themselves do not collapse, but remain in the oil. Also, it contains just a record amount of plant hormones (phytosterols), which in all respects improve the scalp and hairline. And, finally, scientists have proved that some of the properties of this oil are almost identical to those of natural subcutaneous fat cells, so it can penetrate hair follicles, restoring their natural strength and structure from within.

As for damaged and overdosed hair (this happens after dying or perm), avocado oil for them is an indispensable helper that strengthens the cuticle and activates the growth of new, healthy hair, moisturizing and "feeding" them superbly, eliminating the fragility and the effect of "cross-section ", Causing to shine a healthy, natural shine.

It is better to use unrefined avocado oil for hair, pleasantly smelling of walnut. It should have an emerald green color, due to the high content of chlorophyll. If the oil has a yellowish, brown, greenish-brown or yellow-green color, it means that refining technology was applied to it, as a result of which, a part of the valuable substances collapsed.

Oil can be used not only in pure form, but as an additive to detergent and caring agents, combine with mustard , olive and burdock oil , tea tree oil , lavender , jojoba , mix with yolks, flower or buckwheat honey, kefir and other ingredients, used in home-made masks. In its pure form, avocado oil can be used for any restoring, firming, nutritional, health and moisturizing procedures. The only nuance: in its pure form it is not suitable for excessively oily hair.

Masks with avocado oil for hair

And now a couple of effective recipes for creating house masks.

1. Clean oil (3 tablespoons per mask) should be slightly heated and rubbed into the roots of the hair and skin, with soft, slightly massaging movements, and the rest applied with a plastic comb along the length of the hair. Then the head is wrapped in cellophane, well insulated (thus, the process of penetration of oil molecules into the cells of hair and skin is activated). The mask is washed off after about 40-45 minutes (it may be necessary to soap the hair twice).

2. Dry or damaged hair can be "treated" with a mask from an oil "mix" created from essential oil of ylang-ylang , avocado oil and wheat germ (in the ratio 1: 1: 1).

3. To strengthen the hair, a mask made of a mixture of any essential or vegetable oil mixed with avocado oil (1: 1 ratio), yolk, spoons of mayonnaise (sour cream) and a couple of drops of lemon juice or lime juice will suit the hair. The mixture is applied to the hair, warmed with polyethylene and a woolen shawl and washed off after 30 minutes.

4. "Feed" the tortured avitaminosis hair can be using a mask that additionally gives the hair a healthy, literally "advertising" shine. It is prepared from an oil mixture based on olive oil, avocado oil and rosemary (ratio 1 tablespoon: 2 tablespoons: 3-4 drops), egg yolk. This mixture is applied to the scalp and hair roots for 40-45 minutes. It will help to normalize hair weakened after complex hairdressing procedures. Duration of treatment is from 2 to 3 months.

To stimulate hair growth, a mask based on a mixture of avocado oil (30 ml) of black pepper oil, basil, rosemary, ylang ylang (1 drop) will help to stimulate hair growth . Keep the mixture enough for 40 minutes, again wrapping the head with polyethylene and warming the cap. This mask activates all processes that affect the growth and restoration of hair.

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