Argan oil for hair: useful properties, masks recipes

Natural argan oil for hair is a valuable find for every hair. Healing effects are achieved through a balanced content of nutrients in the oil. Yes, for as much as 80% it consists of linoleic, palm, oleic and other saturated fatty acids, which are not for nothing called irreplaceable real beauty aides. And to protect the skin from the aging process, as well as actively support its protective functions, alpha-tocopherol, or vitamin, which "is found" all in the same oil, will help.

Argan oil contains also:

- triglycerines (their merit - soothe and soften the skin, restoring its lipid metabolism),

- sterols (which also actively take care of the scalp, namely: improve the microcirculation of substances, have anti-inflammatory effect, inhibit aging, protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation and much more),

- phenolic compounds (known antioxidants),

- alpha-spinasterol, as well as chotenol (stimulate the regeneration of skin cells, which is why argan oil can often be found in the rejuvenating cosmetics),

- Triterpenic alcohols (which actively protect the skin from various inflammations caused by fungi, infections and viruses).

In general, the main useful properties of this product will "taste" not only the hair, but also the skin, because argan oil intensively nourishes, protects, and rejuvenates it.

Argan Oil: Benefits for Hair

But back to our locks. Argan oil protects them from external aggressions such as changes in humidity, ultraviolet, too low, or vice versa - excessively high temperatures, as well as unfavorable substances that can get to the hair from air or water, and from cosmetics. Together with the protection, oil restores the structure of the hair, nourishes and moisturizes it.

With the regular application of this natural cosmetic you can say goodbye once and for all with dandruff, slow down the aging of hairs, accelerate their growth and make even the most "harmful" hair thicker and more obedient.

How to use oil? The easiest way is to rub it into the hair and the skin underneath. For one application, a small amount of oil is taken, distributed in the palms of the hands and rubbed with neat, massage movements - first into the skin and then into the curls. Now you need to arrange hair curative "bathhouse": hide them under a bag or a plastic cap, wrapped with a towel (a large scarf or winter hat will do). With this "headdress" you need to pass at least an hour, although ideally - leave it for the night. The final chord: wash the oil with shampoo, in a few tricks.

This oil can be used instead of balm . To do this, the hair should be washed, apply a couple of drops of oil on top of them - but do not apply to the skin, it's important! Now the hair can be dried and laid, without washing off the argan "balm".

Masks with argan oil

Of course, at home you can use one hundred percent oil, and add it to your favorite natural masks . You can just add a couple drops of oil in shampoo or balm. Such means will nourish, strengthen and restore hair well. This method is much more economical than regular application of pure oil to the hair, because it is quite expensive.

Here such masks from simple products can be enriched with argan oil. They will suit all cases.

Argan mask for dry damaged hair (including after staining)

It is necessary to mix one teaspoon of argan and two teaspoons of olive oil , yolk, ten drops of ethereal lavender and five drops of essential sage oil. Slightly warm in a water bath, then lightly apply on the hair, as well as the skin. To sustain about half an hour, then to wash off not too hot water.

Argan mask for growth and strengthening of hair

Mix argan with burdock oil in equal parts. Rub into the skin, apply an even coat on the hair, wrap it for an hour (minimum). Wash well with shampoo. The only "but": the effect of the mask is not noticeable immediately, but if it is done regularly, the density of the hair will increase, they will begin to grow faster, the structure of the hairs will be restored, their loss will be substantially slowed down.

Argan mask with honey and yolks

Mix argan oil with honey in equal proportions, add 1-2 yolks. Apply the mixture to the roots, spread over the entire length of the hair. After an hour wash off with shampoo. This mask moisturizes, restores, nourishes and strengthens the curls.

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