Hair Amy Oil: Useful Properties, Mask Recipes

In recent years in ayurveda and beauticians, a plant called phyllanthus embicus (Indian gooseberry) is actively used, the oils of which are distinguished by their excellent healing qualities. In short, the essential oil of this plant, the richest but vitamin C, is called amla oil, and it perfectly treats hair of any type, coping along with dermatitis on the scalp. Amla is actively used in real beauty salons by truly professional hairdressers, and after them women began to use it in home beauticians, trying to give their hair silky, shine and health!

Useful properties of hair oil

Ascorbic acid, which is rich in Indian gooseberries, performs the functions of a natural antioxidant that prolongs the youth of head of hair, the remaining trace elements and vitamins that make up the oil, further enrich it, allowing it to be used in a wide variety of problems with hair and scalp. That is why, hair amla oil nourishes, moisturizes, cares and tones your head and scalp, and also activates hair follicles, causing them to grow faster and become thicker. With regular use, the hair aml oil gives them volume and "live" real beauty.

Today, in the market, hair aml is represented, both in the form of a bottle of finished oil and powder, but both types of remedy are equally useful for hair. But it is better to buy butter, because it is more convenient to use, and the powder must be diluted in the right proportions, otherwise it will not have the desired healing effect (it is diluted in equal proportions with water and kneaded to a thick cream). Sometimes the oil of amla is supplemented with jasmine, lemon, henna, menthol, rosemary, almonds and other essential oils .

Ways of using hair aml for hair

Preheated in a water bath, the oil of aml is applied to the scalp (it is necessary to evenly distribute the composition of the palms from the roots of the hair to their ends). Then the head is wrapped in polyethylene and a warm kerchief.

This compress can be called "classic", and its effect on the hair should last up to 8 hours (that is, it can be left overnight). But, at least, the compress should be applied for 2 hours, otherwise no positive effect on oil hair will not have time.

Note that the hair oil amyl is very fatty, which means it will be extremely difficult to wash off hair, so it is best to soap them with shampoo even when the mask is on them, so that the oil and shampoo molecules begin to interact, "clinging" to each other friend. After that, the shampoo is foamed and washed off with warm water.

For the last rinse of hair, it is better to prepare lemon vodichku (a glass of juice per liter of water) or strained infusion of herbs (for example, sage or chamomile pharmacist).

Masks with hair oil aml

Essential oil of aml can be added to ready-made creams, masks, shampoos and other cosmetics. So, say, the amla bed, added to a 250 ml bottle with a shampoo or balm, will increase its effect on the hair several times.

Mask made from Indian gooseberry powder. Powdered amla is diluted with hot water in a ratio of 1: 1 and thoroughly mixed. Then the mixture is rubbed into the roots of the hair, and the remainders are distributed along their length, and the head is wrapped with cellophane and a warm kerchief or cap for an hour and a half.

Mask with yolk. Good effect on hair yolk masochka with a moisturizing effect, for the preparation of which should take 2 tablespoons. oil of amla or diluted powder and mix them with 2 chicken yolks.

Mask with honey. To power hair, you can make a mask with honey . Preparing it is also very simple: 2 tablespoons are taken. amla or powder, mixed with an equal amount of flower or buckwheat honey, and warmed up in a water bath.

Mask with yogurt. For hair growth, you can use a mask with kefir . It is heated in a water bath (2 tablespoons) and on a separate bath the amla or powder oil is heated in the same proportion, and when mixed in the warmed-up state.

For maximum effect, the hair masks described above can be held on the head for up to 8 hours (they can be left overnight).

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