Masks for the tips of hair

In television advertising, you can often hear about the means against visited and / or overdried tips. In fact, half of them are frankly powerless (only the packaging is beautiful), and half are working, but expensive. However, to "fix" the tips of hair, you do not need to buy something - you can create masks for your hair in your own kitchen, and they will work just as well as expensive pharmacy cosmetics.

Nourishing oils for the tips of hair

The masks with oils (and first of all burdock) proved to be the best ones. But do not rush to buy it, if you have at home: jojoba oil, coconut, almond, linseed, sea-buckthorn, and kitchen classics - olive. By the way, oils can be mixed - cosmetologists recommend taking them in 1: 1 or 1: 1: 1 proportions.

Masks from oils for tips of hair

Basic. Selected oil from the list above, warm up in a water bath. Rub it into each curl from the middle of the length and to the tips. Carefully wrap the head with a food film (it's even more convenient to use a shower cap or hair dye). From above wind the towel (your hair needs warmth). Keep the mask on your hair for half an hour.

Wheat mask . But it is done not with grain, but with wheat germ oil (it just perfectly nourishes the over-dried ends of hair). Rub your fingers a couple drops of this oil, apply them to your hair (whether it's washed or dirty). It is not necessary to wash off this valuable compound.

Moisturizing masks for the tips of hair

Oily and vitamin. Mix 3 tablespoons of olive or almond oil and one capsule of vitamin E and A (pharmacy Aevit is suitable). The mask is applied for 40 minutes, washed with shampoo.

Mask with avocado. This modest fruit is just a storehouse of vitamins and vegetable fats, thanks to which the hair becomes smooth and completely hydrated. In the store or fridge, select the most ripe fruit. Cut the flesh with a fork, apply to washed and not dried hair, pack them with a bag / film and towel for 45 minutes. The mask is washed with a shampoo.

Egg-kefir. Mix 1 yolk and a glass of fatty (home-made) kefir. It is important not to take food immediately after the refrigerator, but wait until they warm up on the table. Apply mask on hair for 30 minutes, wash under the tap.

Honey mask for the tips of the hair. This noble product can be used unicomponent, or in symphony with another "cosmetics from the refrigerator" (yolk, sour milk, butter). Warm up the gift of the bees on the steam bath and, without regret, apply on the tips of the hair. Heat the hair for 40 minutes.

Honey and olive mask. Mix the yolk, 1 teaspoon of liquid honey, 2 tablespoons of olive oil. This mask is applied to all hair (including the skin below) for 30 minutes.

Mask with linseed oil. This useful ingredient will not only treat "unhappy" hair, but also protect you from the cross section, if it has not yet appeared. To create a mask, mix these oils: linseed (1 tablespoon), olive (as much) and ylang-ylang ether (2 or 3 drops). The mask should be warmed a little on a water bath, apply to the ends of the hair (although if the hair is heavily overdried, you can apply both to the hair and the skin underneath them). Wrap your head, hold the mask for 30 minutes.

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