Masks for curly, curly hair

Many owners of straight hair dream of curls. Meanwhile, the girls with curly hair are both lucky and not at the same time. Yes, their hair looks very beautiful, they are lush and vibrant. But with improper care, the strands begin to get tangled, to crumble, the hairs break, and all the real beauty is spoiled.

However, to correct the situation may mask for curly, curly hair. They are different in composition, and depending on the ingredients they solve this or that problem.

Masks suitable for curly hair

Fruit. Your option - avocado and bananas, they have a lot of carbohydrates and fat. Homemade cosmetics with these components moisturizes the hair, that is, eliminates the problem of curls.

Mayonnaise masks for curly hair. All the ingredients of this delicious sauce are important to you (therefore, make mayonnaise yourself, or buy the most natural). Vegetable oil moisturizes and nourishes the over-dried ends of hair, yolk restores hairs, mustard accelerates hair growth, citric acid and vinegar will relieve you of itching in the scalp.

Sour-milking. They give the hair shine, save from the puff, normalize the greasiness of the head. Important: yogurt, yogurt, take the fat! Basic kefir mask: 200 ml of warm kefir or curdled milk, apply on hair (including on roots), pack them in food film for 20 minutes, then massage your head, wash it with water under the tap.

Herbal. Saving from electrification and dandruff. It is most convenient to use herbs as broths for rinsing hair.

Honey masks for curly hair. The complex and rich composition of the gift of bees will save you from seborrhea (itchy scalp), the tips of the tips, the dull hair color. The most popular nutritious honey mask: heat 100 g of honey, mix with olive oil (three tablespoons). Apply from roots to tips, keep for about 60 minutes under a pack and towel. Wash off with water, but not hot.

Glycerin. This is your option if you suffer from over-dried hair. Basic mask: 20 ml of glycerin (necessarily natural), the same amount of vinegar (only apple or wine), yolk, 30 ml of castor oil. To put on a head, from above to cover with a food film and a scarf or a bath towel. Hold for 40 minutes.

Sea-buckthorn. Base mask: 50 ml of sea buckthorn oil (sold in pharmacies), 10 ml of sunflower "kitchen" oil. Grate in roots, hold for 60 minutes, rinse with shampoo (preferably for dry hair).

Oil masks for curly hair. This or that oil is the main ingredient of any mask for curly hair. Thanks to the oil hair becomes more saturated and docile, and with the composition itself is easier to work with.

Masks for straightening curly hair

Some curls want to wear straight hair - in this, too, help the mask.

Of course, home masks are not a magic wand, and can not turn you from the first time out of "Curly Sue" to Selena Gomez. The maximum result will be the systematic application of masks over a period of time (without long interruptions). Plus, masks make up for the hair, making them healthier - well, this effect is already visible almost immediately.

Straightening tea mask for curly hair. Pour 100 ml of boiling water with one teaspoon of tea leaves. A cup with this drink should be covered with a saucer, and a kitchen towel should be thrown on top. When 20 minutes have passed, the tea can be filtered, sweetened with sugar (one spoonful will be enough). The liquid is applied to dry hair, after which the hair must be combed with a scallop. After 40 minutes tea can be washed.

Straightening gelatin mask. Pour 1 sachet of gelatin into 50 ml of cold water. After a couple of minutes, when all the gelatin swells, dissolve them in a microwave or on a stove. Pour in the resulting mixture of a spoonful of your balm, treat the mask hair (except the roots - this is very important). After that, each strand should be combed, and the whole mane pack in a food film or a bag. To wash off a mask it is necessary through 1, and it is better 2 hours. Use a little shampoo.

Straightening beer mask for curly hair. Mix 100 ml of live dark unfiltered beer with 50 ml of kefir (fatter). Applying the mask on the strands, pull out their comb. Hold for half an hour.

Egg mask. She not only "iron" strands, but also makes them more obedient, softer. So! 3 raw yolks mixed with lemon juice, apply on all hair, hold for 30 minutes under a bag or film. Important: it is not possible to keep the mask longer so that the lemon juice does not damage the hair!

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