Collagen hair wrap

Who does not want to be mannerable and visible! That's why we put hair so often with a hair dryer, pull it out with an iron, sprinkle with varnish, we paint ... Unfortunately, real beauty treats hair very expensively - they dry, break down, lose color. To return the hair to its former glory and shine can collagen hair wrap.

You can take care of the mane in this way at home. You will have one procedure for 2 weeks. The longer you apply this wellness technique, the "newer" will be even the most hair-stuck hair.

Collagen hair wrap: useful properties

Collagen (aka fibrillar protein) is found not only in purchased care products, but also in each of our hair, as well as in the scalp. The more ruthlessly you exploit your hair, the more collagen is destroyed in them. Therefore, its quantity must be renewed, and also the scales of damaged hairs should be "sealed". With competent care, you will get a soft, shiny, obedient mane.

Apply collagen wrap is in the case of:

- "electric" hair (especially in winter, during the season of woolen hats),

- dry and breaking hairs,

- too thin, deprived volume of hair,

- the beginning of "rash" of hairs,

- fogging of natural color of hair,

- the appearance of dandruff,

- excessive "fluffiness" of hair (wrapping a little to smooth them, so you will need to take less frequent ironing).

How to make a collagen wrap at home?

If you do not have a good real beauty salon near you (or your incomes do not yet have much time to visit such places), you can buy a double complex from CoolHair Collagen System: shampoo and mask. The first removes dirt and grease, preparing strands for the procedure, and also sows the roots with useful elements, thereby making hair loss prevention. The second thanks to the valuable composition (silk, vitamins, amino acids, collagen) restores each hair, filling "holes" in them, glues problem tips and scales.

It is very easy to use these waste products. Wash hair with shampoo, wipe them. Apply a mask, and so that it does not drain on the neck and does not interfere, wrap the hair with a film, wrapping them on top with a towel. Next, this "turban" needs to be heated under a tap with warm water for about 10 minutes (use of a hairdryer is not recommended). The final touch is to dry your hair with a hedgehog and a hairdryer. The mask is not washed off.

Collagen hair mask at home

You will need a hair conditioner, keratin, collagen, as well as oils. The basic recipe for a mask for medium hair is: 3 tablespoons of conditioner, a spoonful of keratin and collagen, 2-3 drops of orange or argan oil.

Apply the collagen mask to clean hair, from above, pack it as described above (film or shower cap and woolen shawl or a thick towel). Keep the mask on your hair for about 60 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. It is believed that after it you should not use a hair dryer - comb your hair and allow it to dry at room temperature.

Initially, these masks are worth 2 times a month, and after 3-4 sessions - even less often.

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