Garlic masks for hair

What kind of properties are not attributed to garlic! It is believed that this scalding vegetable is afraid of everything, from pathogenic bacteria to cynical vampires. And meanwhile, it's not just a plant-a "killer" that saves us from viruses and colds, but also a very useful product that is also relevant for beauticians. For example, do you know how useful garlic for hair is? If you add it to your home masks, it will help cure dandruff, make hair grow faster, without falling out, and also soften the structure of each curl.

Garlic for hair: useful properties

Scientists have proved:

- Garlic juice increases the flow of blood in the scalp. The result is that the bulbs receive more nutrients.

- Garlic helps our body absorb vitamin E, responsible for the rapid growth of hair and their non-falling.

- A burning vegetable is rich in iron and other minerals (phosphorus, calcium, manganese, sulfur). They help the formation of keratin (protein), without which hair can not grow.

- There are in it and vitamins, in particular, B and C.

- Well, of course, the protective function of this plant is also important: thanks to phytoncids, garlic kills the harmful microbes that live in the scalp and cause too frequent hair loss.

Garlic for hair: use cases

A simple garlic mask. Pour out a clove of garlic (without skin), rub into the problem areas of the scalp. 40 minutes later, wash your hair. Course: 2 to 3 times in 7 days. Result: hair loss stops.

Garlic tincture. 2-3 cloves finely chop, pour vodka (0.5 liters), let stand in a dark place for 3-4 days. Pour 2-3 spoons into the home hair masks.

Butter. 2-4 large cut denticles add a warm linen or olive oil to the glass, let it brew in a closed cupboard for at least 5 days (always in a glass jar). Garlic is thrown away, the oil is rubbed into the roots of the hair, massaging the head (you can also mix it with coconut before use). Head warm, keep the mask from 2 hours. Result: the rapid growth of the "mane".

Garlic masks for hair growth

Onions and garlic. Yolk, 2-3 tablespoons kefir (table), 1 large spoonful of juice from onions, squeezed out a clove of garlic. The mask should remain on the hair for up to an hour. This applies to the remaining masks of this plan. During this time, the tool has time to increase the flow of blood, open the pores, but do not irritate the skin.

Honey and garlic. Mix 2 tablespoons of honey and the middle head of garlic (squeezed through a press), if desired, you can add one tablespoon of lime juice. The mask is applied first to the roots, and then to the tips. Hold for about 60 minutes, wash with shampoo.

Oily. Prepare the garlic oil as described above. Mix it with castor oil (proportions - 1: 1). Apply only to the skin under the hair.

Milk and garlic. 1 large clove of garlic put in a saucepan, pour 0.5 cup of milk, bring to a boil. When the broth slightly cools, lubricate the skin under the hair, then afterwards heat the head. Course: 1 time in 7 days. The result: shiny hair, a solution to the problem of loss.

Reinforcing thermo mask. Garlic juice, honey, aloe juice (1 teaspoonful), 2 yolks. Wash your hair, apply a mask, warm well with a hairdryer, hold for 30 minutes, rinse.

Kefir-garlic, firming, for oily hair. 3 tablespoons kefir, 1 squeezed garlic clove. Apply for 30 minutes, rinse out the hair under the tap.

Tea and garlic. 0.5 tablespoons of squeezed garlic (or about 5 medium denticles), 2-3 raw yolks, 2 tablespoons of strong tea brew. Carefully rub into the skin under the hair.

The important question: how to make so that hair did not smell of garlic?

If the hands of the half-day smell even after chopping garlic, then how to smell the hair after the hour mask! Of course, not all girls will like to carry such a "refined" train. To undesirable odor is not ingrained in every hair, after applying all of the above masks, rinse your hair with vinegar (pour vinegar into the water in a proportion of 1: 3). In addition, water can be flavored with citrus esters (enough of a few drops).

Garlic for the hair: contraindications

Do not make garlic masks, if the skin of your head is damaged (for example, there are scratches, or after intensive staining appeared wounds). Are you allergic? Before treating the head with such a composition, make an allergy test on the elbow bend. If the day passes and the skin does not turn red, the mask suits you.

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