Hair conditioner: how to use it properly

Quite often after shampooing the head, we notice how the hair gets tangled, loses its shine and elasticity, combs and fits with great difficulty. The thing is that shampoos, whatever it is written on them on the label, have basically cleansing properties, but at the same time they do not give our locks enough nutrition and moisturizing. A full-fledged result can only be achieved using hair conditioners along with shampoos. Special additives that make up air conditioners saturate hair with a lot of trace elements useful for their health, so they acquire fresh natural shine, smoothness, silkiness, perfectly suited to combing, curling , styling and never split.

Currently, many shampoos are available in 2-in-1 format - along with air conditioning. The use of such shampoos is certainly convenient in view of saving time, but they should not get too involved, as the real real beauty and health of hair is achieved only by a step-by-step solution of the problem - first cleansing, then nutrition and moisturizing. Therefore, it is still preferable to use the conditioner as an independent hair care product .

Depending on its purpose and mode of use, hair conditioners are available in several types:


This is the most common type of air conditioners. It is applied to clean, washed and slightly dried hair with a towel, neatly distributed throughout their length from the tips to the roots, but not rubbed into the scalp. 2-3 minutes after application, the product must be rinsed off with warm water. The effect of using a conditioner-rinse aid - the hair is covered with a thin film, which prevents their tension in the wet state. This, in turn, facilitates easy combing of curls, gives smoothness, elasticity and prevents the process of their falling out.

Express air conditioning

This conditioner is applied to both wet and dry hair and does not require subsequent flushing. The main purpose of the express conditioner is to restore the damaged structure of the hair, as well as protect it from adverse environmental factors, such as intense photo to direct sunlight. This is the ideal remedy for dryness, delicacy and increased brittleness of the head of hear caused by frequent photo to staining, or by a chemical wave. In just a few minutes of photo, the hair becomes soft, docile and perfectly liable to be laid. Another advantage of this type of air conditioner is the possibility of daily use.

Specialized air conditioners

This group includes tools that include components designed primarily to solve any of the problems: conditioners for colored hair, to increase the volume of hair, for split ends .

In the case of colored hair, the use of an air conditioner helps to preserve their color after washing, favorably emphasizing the brightness and unique brilliance. In addition, thanks to the content of ultraviolet filters, the product protects the curls from burning out in the sun.

Air conditioners to increase the volume of hair not only give a magnificent hairdo, but also make the curls stronger, sturdy and healthy.

Conditioners for split ends perfectly restore the structure of the hair and strengthen them along the entire length.

Perfectly proven and home hair conditioners made exclusively from natural ingredients.

The best results from the use of hair conditioners are achieved by observing the following rules:

1. Before using air conditioners, do not use shampoos that dry your hair.

2. It is better to use conditioner and shampoo of the same cosmetic line, as it provides better nutrition and restoring the structure of the hair along the entire length.

3. The conditioner must match the type of hair .

4. Hair should not be too wet. Before applying the conditioner, they should be soaked with a towel to remove excess water.

5. Apply the product to the hair with gentle, gentle movements of the fingers, or with a comb with rare teeth.

6. Wet hair requires gentle handling. After flushing the conditioner, do not brush them with a brush. It is better to use a comb or comb with wide teeth.

7. In order to maintain a lasting effect, the first time should not go out without a hat.

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