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Mowing the square: manner options

At all times, women have sought to look stylish, effective and irresistible. With all the variety of modern coiffures, it is the cutting of the quads that is the most optimal option for achieving these qualities. It is universal, because it is suitable for women of any age and with any form of face . In addition, the square carries a combination of the charm of long hair and the convenience of caring for a short haircut, allowing you to almost no resort to the laying of curls.

The popularity of cutting hair is due to the unique possibility of applying its various variations depending on the type of appearance. Below are recommendations that will help you choose the most suitable option for you.

Modern types of haircuts

Long shoulder to shoulder

The square to the shoulders is one of the favorite haircuts among the stars of Hollywood (in the West it is customary to call Long bob or abbreviated LOB). Hair of medium length allows you to experiment with styling. Haircut is great for women of any age with any form of face. Especially stylish look smoothed shiny curls.

Care for wavy and curly hair

This haircut optimally emphasizes the structure of curly and wavy ringlets, allows you to create a three-dimensional feminine coiffure without long laps.

Laying the square with waves today is the last "squeak" of manner. If your hair is straight, and you wanted to holiday cheerful curls, curl them on curlers or using forceps.

Volumetric graded square on thin hair

Graduated strands will give your haircut a living volume, which is ideal for fine hair. Graduating can be done both on short, and on an extended coiffure to the shoulders. Strands of different length rejuvenate and refresh your face.

Classic Straight Edge

Classical straight square - a universal coiffure for all time. Thanks to geometrically precise right lines, it makes the image incredibly stylish. The real beauty of the haircut will emphasize the brilliant bright color of the hair.

Open square without a bang

Think about creating such a penalty if you are the owner of a classic oval face, all on which - a nose, eyes, forehead - the right shape. And think carefully, because no other haircut so well does not emphasize the real beauty of your appearance.

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"Ragged" quads

Ragged strands are mostly the prerogative of young women of manner. A cheeky image will set you apart from the crowd, will help prove your uniqueness. Haircut looks better on thick, thick hair.

Double square

Double quads - a coiffure with a special zest, which is usually chosen by extravagant people. This haircut differs from the others due to the double cut of the hair. Visually it seems that one haircut is located on top of the other.

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Choose a square by face shape

1. Owners of a slender figure and refined facial features are ideal for a very short haircut, such as a square on the stalk. In this case, on the back of the head, the hair is given volume, and the hair is cut from behind in such a way that a similarity to the leg is obtained. If the neck is thin and long, then it can be hidden with a long straight haircut to the shoulders.

2. If you have a high forehead and a face has an elongated shape , then the haircut of the bean car is exactly what you need, because the hair length just below the chin and thick bangs inherent in this haircut allows you to visually reduce the forehead and smooth out the shape of the face. In this case, remember that it is better to choose a light air version of the coiffure, emphasizing your femininity.

3. In case you have soft facial features, but broad cheekbones and pointed chin, we recommend cutting the square in the shape of a "ball" with the inverted ends of the strands, which advantageously emphasizes the real beauty of the face and hair.

4. On the owners of a round full face with large features, the graduated square will look great, when the hair is trimmed with steps, and not along a solid level line, which makes the appearance more feminine and elegant.

5. If you have a wide face and a massive chin, then the best option in this case is a graded haircut with a side cut and slightly raised neck. In this case, an elongated oblique fringe that opens half of the forehead will help visually distract attention from the large forehead or chin. This haircut is suitable for women of mature age, because it rejuvenates the face and advantageously emphasizes the dignity of appearance.

By and large, the technique of performing haircuts depends first of all on the skill of the hairdresser-stylist. Therefore, it is best to entrust the change of your image to an experienced master in a good hair salon and you will not regret it for a minute!

At the haircut, it is beneficial to look at the coloration, which allows you to successfully blend with the color of your skin. So on the owners of swarthy skin or skin of an olive shade, the dark square with a bangs will look very effective. At the same time, the dark hue of the hair will successfully emphasize the color of the skin, and the bangs - the real beauty of the eyes. If you have white skin, then the ideal option is a light short square, because the blonde hair is perfectly combined with the milky shade of the skin. Darker than the basic color of the hair, the hue of the paint makes it possible to isolate the contour of the quads, which visually increases the volume of the hairdo.

To draw attention to the real beauty of hair and to give a haircut a more stylish and spectacular look is helped by high-quality melioration or coloring that convey the effect of color overflow or sunlight in your locks.

Trimming the carving

Another advantage of cutting the square is the ease in styling the hair. Just a few minutes before leaving the house - and you are in perfect order. To fix the hair, you need to apply mousse or gel on slightly moistened hair and then make a simulation according to your taste with a comb or hair dryer. In this case, the tips of the hair can be turned both inside and out. After the hair is dried, the hair is fixed with a varnish.

Trimming the carving: manner options with a photo

If you have curly ringlets, the styling can also be done using electric forceps, hair curlers or curling irons, and a special spray for hair can give a shiny look to your hair .

Go from a strict office version of the coiffure to the option for a fun party can be done quickly enough with the help of a zigzag pattern. To do this, you first need to split the hair in half and make a smooth parting comb. Then, with the help of a comb, repeat the procedure of dividing the hair into strands several times from the center of the head. Shading such a hairdo with a special mascara for hair, you will look very impressive.

Haircut quads have a rich history and do not lose its relevance in the modern world, despite the volatility of the capricious Mrs. manner. This is due to its universality and the ability to create endlessly the most unexpected and memorable images. Therefore, do not be afraid to emphasize your real beauty and personality and remember that the queen of queen at different times were and are the ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra, the queen of manner Coco Chanel and the pop diva Rihanna!

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