How to choose oil for hair, medicinal properties of oils

Sesame oil treatment

Sesame oil is often used to care for thin, dull and oily hair. It regulates the work of the sebaceous glands, eliminates brittleness.

Broccoli oil: moisturizing and shine

Broccoli oil is very light in structure, easily absorbed and does not weight. It is an ideal nutrient.

Cedar Oil: Vitamin Masks

Cedar oil makes the curls soft, bulky, shiny. Very rich vitamin composition of oil nourishes the hair and saves from many problems.

Moisturizing masks with aloe oil

Aloe oil stimulates hair growth, heals the scalp, cures dandruff and high fat content, and gives shine.

Hair care with palm oil

Palm oil is a real beauty factory for curls. Thanks to the content of carotene, vitamins and saturated fatty acids, hair grows rapidly.

Mint oil for hair care

Mint oil has a refreshing aroma, fights with oily hair and dandruff, cleanses the skin, accelerates the growth of hair.

Orange Oil: Moisturizing and Nourishing

Orange oil stimulates the growth of new hair, saturates them with vitamins, gives shine, moisturizes and smoothes.

Rosemary oil for hair growth

Rosemary oil has unique properties for hair: it accelerates growth, prevents early gray hair, eliminates dryness and brittleness.

Lavender oil for hair strengthening

Lavender oil accelerates hair growth, fights with increased fat content, cures dandruff, makes curls alive.

Tea Tree Oil for Hair Health

This oil is ideal for oily hair. It makes them clean, light and bulky, fighting dandruff.

Lemon oil for hair

Lemon oil is often used to control hair loss and to strengthen hair. It gives shine to the curls.

Fish oil for hair real beauty

Fish oil strengthens curls, spurs their growth, prevents loss, gives them strength and brilliance.

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