Hair cutting with hot scissors

If your hair is prone to brittleness, dryness and loss of shine, then cutting with conventional scissors can further damage their health. In this case, the ideal haircut is a hot scissors or thermo-stitch, which promotes the treatment of hair and gives them a beautiful well-groomed shape. This procedure seals the ends of the hair and thereby protects them from the effects of harmful environmental factors, contributes to the normalization of the mechanisms of restoring the structure of the hair and prevents their cross-section. As a result, the locks acquire natural strength and shine and become voluminous and elastic.

The main advantages of the thermal printing system:

1. Promotes the complete elimination of split ends, which is especially true for owners of long hair.

2. The new coiffure keeps the shape for a longer time and looks more interesting for any type of hair .

3. Attaches more volume to fine hair.

4. Painted and chemically curled hair becomes more elastic.

5. The visible effect of healthy and voluminous hair is created after the first procedure.

6. Hair is easier to fit.

7. Curly hair is easier to straighten .

Before the procedure for cutting hair with hot scissors, you need to remember that it takes about 2 times longer, and its cost is 2-3 times higher than the cost of ordinary haircuts. Also, in the process of working it is required to correctly choose the temperature of scissors depending on your hair type, which is only available in a good salon with an experienced craftsman. To achieve a good cosmetic and therapeutic effect, it is necessary to hold a minimum of 2-3 procedures, and to permanently maintain the real beauty and health of the hair, it is best to always cut them with hot scissors.

There are no contraindications for thermotriction. It is equally suitable for hair of any type and length. The only restriction is that it can not be done on the increased hair from synthetic materials and wigs.

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