Color of hair for color-type "winter": a palette of shades

The name of this color type sounds cold, but meanwhile, the underlined-winter real beauty is very noticeable and attractive. Dark hair (often the color of the raven wing), light skin - it is impossible to stop looking at such a girl. In addition, winter ladies also come with slightly lighter hair (brown, chestnut or ashy), but, of course, always a cool tone.

It's no wonder that the best hair color for the color-type winter is dark. You can start with a black bluish-red or blue hue. They will noticeably refresh your onions.

Contrasting shades

Frozen chestnut

Frosty chestnut (red chestnut) is one of the most popular in this range. The crimson waves that shimmers with curls while walking will be very adorned by the owner of light eyes with beige, olive and peach skin.

Cold dark shades

Just dark colors with a cold podton - this is also your option. Black chocolate or chestnut, graphite is the guarantee of not only an unmistakably successful image, but also a successful career, according to psychologists.


The palette of black hues of hair is also created for the winter color. The most mannerable in this palette is blue-black. He was always associated with magic and passion. Well, who does not want to create a halo of mystery! Such hair is perfectly combined with blue eyes. A dark girl with such hair will look like an Asian.

Brown-black hair color for winter color-type

Brown-black is the darkest in this family. Sweetheads call it glasse or black chocolate. In fact, the hair, painted with such a paint, looks black - but when moving they pour brown. This color will please a natural brunette, almost without changing its image - but making it "with a twist".

Black coffee

Black coffee is another black and brown chameleon. He will suit the owner of any skin, provided that her eyes are brown.


Redwood or mahogany is not a flashy, but very refined color. Ladies love him in years, as this noble shade defeats hairlessly gray, and besides, does not "highlight" such a person's shortcomings as wrinkles. The mahogany is a chameleon: it mixes red and brown halftones, which on some hair appear quite noticeably.

Bordeaux hair color for winter color

Bordeaux is like mahogany, but this color is even redder. Especially it fits a natural brunette with brown eyes.

Soft shades

Ash chestnut

The ashy version of the chestnut is a neutral hair color for the winter color-type, and therefore there is practically no woman to whom it would not fit. Especially this winter image (a black "mane" with snowy notes) will be pleasant to the blue-eyed real beauty.

Light chestnut

The chestnut-brown is also a cool tone, and therefore it takes its rightful place in the winter scale. But do not forget: he markedly distinguishes features. That's why this tone is worth choosing a satisfied appearance to the ladies.


Very mannerable now is considered brown with a pink or purple hue. These hair look like a million, so they can often be seen in gloss, on the head of a famous actress or singer.

What color is better not to choose?

1. The entire reddish palette. Such hair "kills" your inimitable contrast of dark hair and light skin.

2. Lightening of hair. Winter girls rarely go light strands. If you really want to become a blonde, choose a cold ash palette.

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