Color-type "winter": contrast, bright, light

Cold and snowy? No, bright and shiny! Most often it is the lady-winter who performs in a fatal, extravagant, intriguing role.

You are surrounded by a sparkling glow, and therefore your colors are akin to the rich green of the Christmas tree, the silver of the first snow, the deep blue of the January sky and gray to the blackness of the "reach" of the wet asphalt.

The hair of winter women is often dark: black (possibly with a brown tinge), chestnut (in pure form or with ashy notes), plum. However, you can meet a lady with ash-white hair. You are lucky: all hairs are thick and dense.

As for the color of the eyes, it is foggy and bright: the eyes are black, brown to black, dark gray, greenish with an icy glow, blue or piercing blue. Eyes always stand out on the face, they are very expressive; you can sometimes be told that your eyes are on the depths of your soul. Eyebrows in any case, dark (and brunettes, and blondes).

The skin is even and dense, with a barely perceptible blue halftone. Its color can be different, because the winter real beauty has several colors. Yes, one can find olive (in pure form or with brown color), beige, whitish-beige, ash-brown, and also pinkish skin.

Coloring of winter color appearance

Warm winter

1. Non-contrast, or natural color. In this case, hair, skin and eyes do not contrast in their natural colors. Example: the hair of such a lady can be ashen-brown, the skin is earthy-olive, and her eyes are dark-brown.

Contrasting winter

2. Here, on the contrary - everything in your appearance tries to attract more attention to yourself. Remember the fairy tale about Snow White? This is the best example of this type of real beauty.

Bright winter

3. Something in you is the brightest in appearance. For example, beige leather does not contrast with chestnut hair - but green-blue eyes and beckon with their insolence.

Light winter

4. Do you have swarthy skin and natural hair "platinum blond"? This contrast in appearance refers you to a light winter color. Another example: icy blue eyes, porcelain skin and ashy hair.

How are winter beauties different from other women? Clean, bright colors, brightness in appearance, piercing shades - and a radiance, past which you can not pass without looking back. They are a sunbeam falling from the piercing blue sky to the shining snow and the black contours of the trees. Well, is not it wonderful?

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