Celebrity Colors: Winter. Tips for choosing a style

Stars with winter color: photo

photos of stars with a winter color-type will help you to more accurately analyze the characteristics of your appearance, choose make-up shades , hair color and style of clothes .

Winter color type is easy to determine if you attach a purple, bright blue or blue cloth to your face. If you are a woman-winter, the face will become more fresh and young, the look will become expressive.

On the photos of celebrities with a winter color , the girls are dominated by a rich dark hue of hair, bright expressive shades of the eyes. The skin of the winter color is olive, with a cold podton, which successfully blends in with ice-gray, silvery, dark blue and purple hues in make-up and clothing.

The brightest representatives of the winter color are Megan Fox, Keti Perry, Cher, Monica Bellucci, Brooke Shields, Jennifer Connelly, Liv Tyler, Vanessa Williams, Courtney Cox, Kim Kardashian, Lucy Lew, Keira Knightley. Russian celebrities with a winter color - Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, Anna Kovalchuk.

Courteney Cox
Monica Bellucci
Brook Shields
Kim Kardashian
Megan Fox
Vanessa Williams
Lucy Lew
Katy Perry
Liv Tyler
Jennifer Connelly

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