Color-type "autumn": soft, bright, light

Autumn girl on the street - like a ray of sun, even if in the morning a prolonged rain. Golden-copper locks, deep radiant eyes, even skin - beautiful! Tsvetotip autumn, like spring - a warm group of appearance. But in autumn colors there is more redness, which makes the owners of copper hair externally richer and darker than spring girls.

What is autumn? It is not the wind that "plays with ragged chains," but the aristocratism of the last warm days, the crimson palette of maple, the unusually deep sunsets, the warm, not burnt lunch sun, and, of course, the deep shades of the last flowers and juicy fruits in the baskets of gardeners.

The skin in this color type is smooth, dense, having a warm undertones. You are lucky: you very rarely encounter pimples and similar problems. Your hair is fluffy (often curly), they are docile and rather thick. Their colors "play" from copper to brown: bronze, red (or even carrot), brown copper, pure copper and its light shades, golden chestnut, all warm shades of chestnut, and also reddish dark brown.

The eyes of a typical representative of autumn real beauty are noticeable, radiant and deep, with golden sparks. Rarely they are bright: say, blue (sometimes with a greenish note), gently amber or yellow-brown, gray with brown notes. But more often they are dark: brown with amber glow, along the river green, brown with gold, greens or black. Iris of the eyes is often brown. Eyebrows coincide with hair, but can often be more gold.

Four colors (subtypes) of autumn

Warm (soft) autumn

1. What is called, very pure. Velvet, soft, rich real beauty. The appearance of such a girl is not contrasting: her hair, skin, and eyes are created by nature in one tone and saturation. Example: amber eyes, copper hair and beige-golden skin. What colors to choose those who possess this appearance? Khaki and olive; brown (all possible tones); the color of mustard; yellow with gold; and of course, orange.

Contrast (deep) autumn

2. Another name is dark autumn. It's almost autumn - and almost winter, Miss November. Such women are characterized by the saturation of the last deciduous flowers. The color-type is deep, warm, but somewhat neutral. A typical representative of contrasting autumn has a bright and dark color of hair and eyes, but her skin can be either swarthy or gently beige. In clothes shops, you should try on things in catchy and non-colorful colors. You will ideally go: a deep shade of brown (even to blackness), as well as chestnut with orange pods; tomato red; emerald.

Bright Autumn

3. There is a bright accent in the appearance of such women, but only one. For example, you can have soft hair (copper-brown) and skin (slightly tanned) ... And at the same time, piercing eyes that combine green and blue "bees", or yellow and brown (the so-called "kerosene eye"), .

Light Autumn

4. In this appearance everything is again harmonious, and this harmony "plays" in light tones. For example: light brown eyes, copper hair (of course, a light shade), as well as a slightly touched blush tender beige skin.

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