Color of hair for color-type "summer": a palette of shades

Summer is the time of hot sun, but a lady with a pronounced summer color is better to stop on cold shades of hair. It does not matter what gamma they will be - light or dark ... However, it is not too dark - it will add years to you.

"Summer" girls can be completely different - both contrasting and soft; both dark and light. Proceeding from this, the hair color for summer coloring is also selected.

Color-type "Bright summer": choose hair color

This type of real beauty is called a bright, sunny summer. Go to it light blond, ash blond, as well as a light version of silvery.

Platinum Blond

A platinum blond! Notable, elegant, this color can be called a trump of all "suns". Young people can combine such hair with a short cut of a clear "cut".

Ash blond

Ash blond - this is another color that falls in this color type exactly in the bull's-eye. No yellowness - you will be surrounded by a halo of aristocracy, and with all this hair will look very naturally. Lovers can be the center of attention of the master can offer a pearl shade - it looks glossy, a million dollars.

Vanilla Blonde

Follow the manner? So you've already heard of the vanilla blonde. He will decorate the girl with the subtype "bright summer". The only thing is to maintain this beautiful color by frequent visits to the salon.

Pink gold

Rose gold is another topical guest from manner magazines. He will go to a romantic girl, and you can achieve the most relevant image by making a few similar tones on this hair.

Wheaten blond

Wheat blond - on the contrary, it is a color that has always been relevant. With his help, you can surround your face with a miniature, but very beautiful angel's nimbus.

Purple Blond

You are trying to become a blonde, but you are pursued by yellowness? Choose a purple blonde. He goes to a girl and a strict lady, and can serve as a base for experimenting with color, and "first aid" in case of unsuccessful staining.

Soft summer: dark blondes

These women are not very contrast in color, eyes, hair and skin. From light-brown to light-brown - all shades of dark blonds will go to such a summer lady. The most interesting of this palette can be called chocolate blond.

Light shades of a cold "family"

These hair look natural, but not too noticeable. For "soft summer" this is a good choice. In such shades there are no honey or gold notes, but there are brown, pearly, ashy, and also dark tones.

Light Brown

If you do not want to rack your brains by choosing colors, try on light blond hair. He goes all, looks like a native, besides, he will give you the opportunity to play with extra tones.

Color-type "Contrast summer": suitable hair color

If you have a bright face, but dark hair, your color is called "contrast summer". To your real beauty the cold smoky shade (any of this scale), brown, pearly-fairy, and also dark-brown from an ashy palette is better approaches.

Dark blond

Do you think that dark blond is an inconspicuous color? This is only at first glance. He does not lay down on his hair evenly, creating a picture of the dowels painted in all colors of naturalness, from cold to warm tones.


If nature has endowed you with gray, blue or brown eyes, and to them - light or olive skin, look at the ashy brown. He, by the way, perfectly paints gray hair, so the lady of elegant age can not help.


Well, you can not forget about the supermodern brown with a pink or purple hue. He is often "trying on" celebrations - still, his hair looks so well-groomed and expensive!

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