Colorotype Summer: light, cool, soft summer

Most Slavic women are bright representatives of the summer color, a characteristic feature of which can be called blond curls with a light ashy-smoky shade. A more detailed "gradation" divides the female color summer into three types, and if you know exactly which type you belong to, it will be easier for you to find your "own" color palette that can emphasize the delicate color of the skin and eyes. The correct color palette, complement the created image, filling it with harmony and charm.

Color-type summer: variants of contrast

The color-type summer is divided into three types:

- cool summer (English language - cool summer) - this is the type of real "Snow Maidens", the "coldest" and "contrasting" ladies of the flight color, something reminiscent of "winter" women. This color type characterizes, as a rule, representatives of the "Nordic" genotype - for example, Scandinavians.

The skin color of these girls is a beige-grayish, rather even beige-bluish shade, which used to be considered a sign of royal blood.

The hair color of young ladies is characterized by a wide range of colors - from a cold platinum blonde (without a hint of yellow) to bluish black, which contrasts favorably with the shade of the skin.

Eye color - bluish and violet, bluish-gray and just gray, steel and gray-green, green and green-brown.

- light summer (English language - light summer) - includes women who have a slightly cool, very delicate appearance with light cilia and eyebrows.

Skin color - these beauties have aristocratic pale or soft beige skin with a pinkish tinge, reminiscent of fine porcelain. Often on the face there are freckles.

Eye color - most often the eyes of "summer" women have gray, blue, gray-blue, turquoise and green hues.

Hair color - as a rule, the hair of these princesses is distinguished by a platinum, ashy, light-brown color palette or shade known as the "light blond".

- Soft summer (English-language - soft summer) is a color-type that unites girls with a soft, "pastel" real beauty, reminiscent of "autumn" beauties. They are distinguished by bright eyes, perfectly in harmony with the dark complexioned skin and thick hair with a grayish or, conversely, yellowish tinge.

The color of the skin is beige, slightly tanned skin with a characteristic golden hue.

Color of eyes - gray-blue and pure blue, greenish and green, amber color.

The color of the ringlets of such "summer" women can be both light and dark brown, and also be distinguished by rich chestnut and nutty overflows, ashy "notes" or deep color, which producers classify as "oak bark".

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