Chocolate hair color

Chocolate hair color for many years remains at the peak of manner. He looks spectacular, bright, and at the same time very feminine and gentle. Chocolate hair color with the right shade choice freshens the face, makes it younger.

The palette of chocolate shades is very diverse, it includes both cold and warm colors from light "milk" chocolate to dark "bitter".

Do you like chocolate hair color? Shades of chocolate color

Chocolate hair color is ideal for girls with dark skin, brown or green eyes.

To successfully choose a shade for yourself, you need to pay attention to your color appearance . To a warm color-type (autumn), chocolate shades of hair with a warm reddish or reddish tint are suitable.

Girls with a cold color (winter) should seek cold shades of chocolate (with a gray or black gleam). To get a noble cold color without reddish, you need to choose shades from the palette of "hot" or "black" chocolate. However, remember that while the hair can get too dark chocolate color, in some cases, even black.

Girls with the color pattern "spring" and "summer" chocolate color does not go, because the face will look pale and inexpressive.

If your eyes are light shades (gray, blue, nutty) and white skin, then when you color your hair in chocolate, you will always have to make a bright make-up , otherwise your face will be "lost".

Chocolate hair color

How to get a chocolate color

When coloring your hair in a chocolate color, remember that on previously stained or discolored hair, you can get an unpredictable shade - from fiery red to emerald.

On light and fair-haired hair is more likely to achieve the same color as on the paint package.

On dark and black hair, the chocolate color may not be noticeable, or give the hair a barely discernible bard or brown hue.

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