Botox for hair

This material is associated with rejuvenation of the facial skin. Thanks to the convenience of the application, injections with Botox have become so popular that they have become a parable in the country. Botox for hair today enjoys no less popularity. Masters remember this complex product, saturated with vitamins and botulinum toxin (a protein with strong regenerating properties), when they face the task of reviving very neglected, just "killed" hair.

Benefits of Botox for Hair

Hair is better suited to styling, combing, hair or waving for a long time does not fall apart.

They are not ashamed to show in a public place - every strand shines, hairs become denser, fragility and dullness disappears.

Almost all whey with botox benefit the hair bulbs, curing them, too. Result: the hair grows faster.

This procedure is often compared with the popular in our time lamination. Only in some respects it is even better. For example, it "seals" every hair, so that the life-giving elements from it are not washed out. That is, this procedure is aimed at both the external and the "inner world" of each hair.

How does Botox work on the hair?

Girls who have already tested the effect of Botox, note that he:

- It makes the hair very silky to the touch.

- Updates them after painting.

- Accelerates growth.

- Fights with hair loss.

- Strengthens the hair, very well preparing them for the "off-season" (for example, the procedure is shown before a trip to the sea or a heating season, famous for overdry curls).

- Has a long-term effect (the effect of its "work" is visible from 4 to 5 months).

Composition of Botox preparations for hair

Still, he would not be so effective! The whole secret lies in the complex composition of serums with Botox.

They are rich:

- vitamins (A, group B, C, E);

- keratin (the very "bricks" from which our hair is formed - in cosmetics keratin serves as a "cement" covering the voids in damaged hairs);

- Aloe extract ("master" of recovery and moisturizing, it accelerates the flow of blood in the skin near the hair follicles, thereby improving their nutrition);

- amino acids (strengthen bulbs, moisturize them, normalize the protein content in our body).

How to Make Botox for Hair at Home

The master applies a special preparation to the client's hair. He does not glue or weighed his hair.

This drug is not poured into a single jar, but consists of several formulations:

"Opener" for the hair: a drug that opens in the hair "channels" to get into the active substances.

Nutrition and care. The second ampoule contains a preparation with botox, which is a concentrate of useful components.

The second drug not only saturates the hair, but also "seals" them, so that the life-giving and moisturizing components remain inside the hairs not only after the procedure, but also in conditions of active "exploitation" of the hair, even after repeated washing.

If a skilled master worked on your hair, after "inflating" them with botox, you can forget about the tips you've seen for a long time (from 3 to 5 months), and also get an obedient, three-dimensional "mane". In addition, the procedure will "wake up" bulbs, depriving you of the problem of constantly dropping hairs.

Botox for hair at home

It's possible! In this case, the work will be divided into several stages.

First. Wash your head (it is better to take a mild shampoo), wipe the towels well with a towel.

Second. Apply hair to the serum, which fills the fiber of each hair. Manufacturers packed it in a syringe, so the procedure will resemble injections.

The third. Now you need to find a caring tool. Then they look at the strands themselves. If you regularly take care of them, apply a restoring mask. If the hair is badly damaged, or it happened that you did not do it for a long time, choose a special sealing care. Hold the product for about 5 minutes, then foam and wash under the tap (shower).

And the fourth. Dry your hair (or let it dry without your intervention).


Botox (even if you do not blame it under the skin and apply it on your hair), there are a number of contraindications. It:

- a solid age (60 years and older),

- lactation and pregnancy (the drug penetrates the blood through the scalp),

- problems with neuromuscular transmission,

- scratches, sores, irritations on the scalp,

- allergy to the components of the agent. Allergy sufferers are advised to carry out an allergy test. And in general, if you have any kind of intolerance to food or pharmaceutical products, it is better to say this in the cabin before the procedure is carried out.

Experienced masters are not advised to apply this remedy to hair to women who are currently having critical days (it is proved that in this case Botox will work less). And in addition, you can not apply it, if you just dyed your hair - the active substances in the drug can irritate the already dizzying because of caustic dye scalp.

Botox for hair: possible consequences

If you use the drug incorrectly, it can take revenge on the appearance of rashes (both under the hair and face skin), itching, dandruff, increased hair loss. Once you have seen these "disturbing bells", do not just "tie" with Botox, but visit the trichologist (the doctor who treats the hair).

Homemade Botox mask recipe

Can I make a mask with Botox in my kitchen?

Yes! It's easy, plus it will save you a lot of money.

You need to prepare a glass container (preferably a shallow bowl), a syringe (a needle can be thrown away at once), a sachet, a comb or a comb, a hair dryer.

Your mask will consist of such ingredients:

- 1.5% hyaluronic acid (only 3 ml is needed),

- collagen (2 ml),

elastin (2 ml),

- argan oil or jojoba oil (10 ml),

- panthenol (1.5 ml),

- keratin (10 ml),

- a capsule of vitamin C and E,

- 80% lactic acid (2 drops).

How to cook. So! Pour in the bowl of oil, add the rest of the ingredients to it in the order in which they are described here. Stir well.

On washed, still damp hair, making a small indentation from the roots of the head, apply a mask. It is better to do this one by one separating the strands. Comb your hair, so that the mask "crawls" most evenly. Wrap the treated hair with a sachet, and on top with a towel. Keep this "turban" for 30 minutes, and then rinse the hair under the tap. Dry them (preferably without a hair dryer, since the fasting of such a mask is extremely important not to overheat them). Done!

Important! After such procedure leave hair in rest for 3 days - even to wash them it is not necessary.

How often can I repeat the Botox procedure?

Even if you really liked the effect, you can not too much with botoksovym care. Serums have a very strong, even can say - "heavy" compounding, so that regularly getting on your hair, overdry them, instead of moisturizing, making your hair soft and fragile. So, having visited the salon once, calmly enjoy the result of the master's work, and in any case do not return here in a couple of months for prevention. By the way, this applies to keratin straightening, and to lamination!

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