Skirts with high waist

A huge amount of imagination and bold ideas is invested by manner designers around the world in developing mannerable clothes for women. A special place among popular collections is occupied by skirts with an overestimated waist, making any figure more proportional and feminine. The style of the skirt optically narrows the waist and delineates the hips, making the woman more seductive. The original skirt cut allows you to look elegant in everyday situations, at festivities, at the office.

Especially stylish looks black skirt with an overstated waist complete with a white shirt. This combination of top and bottom makes a woman bright and seductive. With a white shirt or blouse, it looks great knee - length pencil skirt . The skirt of this style is out of the competition, because it is the best slim and lengthens the figure, emphasizing the waist and hips.

Very popular are lush skirts with a high waist in a variety of styles: American skirts, trapezium knee length skirts, retro slightly below the knees, models of lightweight fabrics up to the floor.

Effectively high waist with a skirt-tulip skirt , which looks good on skinny figures, visually rounding them.

For weekdays, short skirts with a high waist, combined with a tight or semi-fitting top: shorts, tops, blouses, turtlenecks are good. Decorative details in the form of folds, fringes, ruches, buttons can only decorate such a skirt.

For the office is best suited to strict models of skirts of medium length, combined with a light blouse or shirt. Skirts for office are best made of dense fabric.

Skirts with an overstated waist can be worn with almost any kind of outerwear. However, it should be borne in mind that the cut of the skirt puts an emphasis on the waist, so the top of the loose cut (spacious tunics and shirts) should be avoided. Under monophonic skirts, the top of bright colors should be selected.

Women wishing to further emphasize their waist, the skirts of this style can be worn with belts of different types, similar to corsets or, conversely, lacquered thin straps and decorated with decor cords.

A skirt with a high waist must certainly be worn with shoes on the heel, and, the longer the skirt, the higher the heels should be. This will visually extend the legs and make the silhouette graceful. Pantyhose should match in color with a skirt - this will optically make the legs longer.

Skirts with high waist are made from a variety of fabrics - traditional cotton, wool, polyester, silk and modern lace fabrics, chiffon, jeans, satin.

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