Skirts with a scent: what to wear

Skirts with odor

For the history of manner skirts with a scent received the title of one of the most unique models of skirts . As an element of the skirt, the smell gives them personality and sexuality.

Skirts with a scent may well be like a mini, which, incidentally, are great for discos and parties, and midi or even maxi length. As for the color of such skirts, here they can be completely different shades. However, the skirt with a scent should be bright and bright.

Very relevant are skirts with the smell of blue and red. It is not recommended to choose skirts with the smell of dark shades to the owners of light legs, since in case the skirt will be of any dark color, your legs will look very pale. You can use in this case a universal option, choosing a skirt that is bright red or pink, because these colors are suitable for any legs.

If you touch the choice of shoes for your skirt with a smell, you can perfectly match the shoes of sports style, having a flat sole. If you wear a skirt for visiting the club or for a party, then you can not be afraid to combine it with sandals on a low platform, as they will be a wonderful addition to the chosen one along with you. If you work in the office, in this case, the perfect choice will be a skirt that is a little longer than the knees. This model is not very strict, but at the same time it does not violate the dress code. But the colors for such a skirt will have to choose more modest - black, brown, gray or saturated blue. Light colors, beige or white, can also be used. A skirt with a scent perfectly complements a female jacket of the same color. As a result, the costume will be refined and moderately strict. Pick up shoes for this costume will be quite easy, because it will be in harmony with the classic shoes with a stable heel.

Skirt with a scent is not only office or summer, they are also sewn from dense fabrics, and sometimes are made even from wool. Similar models of length mini with high boots combine just fine. In case you choose a skirt made of such material with a length of maxi or midi, then do not forget that it, together with high boots, can visually shorten the growth.

However, whatever your skirt with a smell, there is one unwritten rule for all models. Since the smell is an element quite spectacular, the skirt becomes an outstanding and bright part of your outfit. In this regard, wear a skirt is desirable with carefully selected shoes and low-key top.

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