Skirts with flounces: what to wear

Skirts with flounces

The skirt should be in the wardrobe of every woman, because it is she who gives each woman a unique charm and charm. Skirts with flounces were worn by women more than a hundred years ago, but they used them as lower skirts for giving the dress volume. Today, the skirt with flounces has become popular due to the fact that it looks very romantic and airy.

Flounces on skirts come in different shapes and can be placed in different places of the skirt. Models of skirts with flounces can be very much: a narrowed skirt with flounces, a long flared skirt with flounces, a short skirt with three magnificent flounces, a skirt in a sportive style with flounces on the sides and many others. The shuttlecock, placed along the bottom line of the skirt, looks great and gives the skirt elegance. A skirt with a flounce can be worn daily for work and you will always look charming in it.

When choosing a skirt, you need to remember one golden rule - the proportion of the skirt should be in harmony with the proportions of your body. Skirts with flounces are great for women with wide hips. This skirt successfully conceals excess only if flounces on the skirt will begin below the hips. With the help of such a skirt you can hide all the shortcomings and advantageously emphasize your dignity. Women with a magnificent figure is best to abandon skirts of this style, because flounces on the skirt will further visually increase the figure.

Skirts with flounces are perfectly combined with a blouse, not very voluminous jumper, blouse and jacket. At the same time, there should not be flounces on the blouses and sweaters, they should be harmonious and simple. Excellent shirt with such a skirt, especially white and under the waist, a chiffon blouse with one shoulder, a short jacket, a shoulder strap or a short top. From shoes to a skirt suitable for sandals, sandals or shoes with a small heel. If you prefer more comfortable shoes and can not walk all day on high heels, then safely put on ballet shoes, because they are also very well combined with such a skirt.

You can not wear such a skirt with bright elements of clothes, since in this case your outfit will look ridiculous and tasteless. To make the top of your ensemble a bit chic, you need to complement the image with accessories, while they should not be massive and screaming. As for bags, then to pick them up alongside will not be difficult, since a skirt with flounces is suitable for any bag model. When choosing a bag, you will have the opportunity to experiment not only with its color, but also with the shape of the product and its texture.

Correctly selected skirt with flounces will emphasize your charm, perfectly hide the shortcomings and emphasize the merits of your figure.

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