Skirt Styles

For most women, the skirt is one of the favorite items in clothing and each of them chooses its own shape from a huge variety of skirts. Every mannerable lady should know that the styles of skirts can differ not only in style or length, but also by how well they complement your image. So, as the skirt is one of the details of the costume, all the additional styles are created according to the principle of making costumes. Now let's take a closer look at the possible types and styles of skirts.

The skirt of the classical style has a strict, restrained character. It is laconic both in cut and in its decorative elements. The color gamut is neutral and monophonic. There are no frills. This skirt will be an excellent option for a business woman.

In the romantic style of skirts, a special place is given to the curvature of the bends of the ladies' body. This style expresses the sensuality and mystery of a woman. Colors are chosen more warm and light. They are filled with tenderness and lightness. It can be blue and pink. Here you can also include charming peas or small delicate drawings of pastel tones.

As an example of a sporting style , a mini-skirt can be used. A skirt with a hem, which ends much above the knees and is usually not below 10 cm from the buttocks. The greatest popularity of these skirts reached in the sixties in London, but now it still does not lose its popularity.

Skirts in folklore style do not copy standard national costumes, but only apply their individual elements. The cut or finish, this skirt, can be executed in folklore style. These skirts are made from natural fabrics. Silk, jacquard, linen, cotton or woolen fabrics look great in these skirts.

Basically, youth skirts are made from jeans. Many designers take it as the basis of their collections, offering girls these works of art. They can be with slits, decorated with fringes, rhinestones or even embroidery. Swarovski crystals and beads give these products a bright and memorable look.

Country style skirts displays motley flounces that create the effect of multilayeredness, and also give the skirt an original, enchanting look. The belt to the skirt can be made in the form of elastic gum, which is regulated with a strap-string. Today, this style is only gaining momentum, but he has already established himself among stylish young girls.

Skirt of a naval style , mainly made of dense fabric, such as summer jeans, blue. At the waist there can be a thick and wide elastic band of blue with horizontal stripes of white and then red. On the fabric may be unusual, but typical of this style, folds.

The retro style is first and foremost an ideally thought-out ensemble. This skirt should be correctly combined with additional clothes in general. The fabric can look like a chess ornament of black and white cubes or contain an abundance of folds.

Having tried on several skirts, the girl can feel herself in some other shape. Do not be afraid to experiment, find your style!

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