Skirt-sun: how to choose and what to wear

From year to year, the skirt-sun does not go out of manner. manner designers with a world-wide name with an enviable regularity include this miracle-skirt in their collections and each one "sounds" in its own way. What is its secret?

Special cut

First of all, this is the method of cutting. The skirt-sun is made from a piece of fabric, from which a large circle is cut, and in it a circle of smaller diameter, usually equal to the girth of the waist or hips. Thus, in a finished product, we will not see a single stitch. That's why the model is very popular with beginners in the sewing business, as well as professionals. All ingenious is simple! Also, the skirt-sun can be cut out of 2 or 4 parts, it's a little more complicated, but when the width of the fabric does not allow to make a round pattern, is the exit. The finished product resembles the shape of the sun, for which it received its name.

Surprisingly, the skirt-sun refers to those things that go and fit everyone. Women with any height and shape, it gives grace, the main thing is to choose length, pattern and fabric. Full hips can be visually reduced by using a long skirt , with a low level of flare. Preference should be given to models with a vertical, extending figure figure.

Winter selection

Not so long ago, the sun-skirt was associated with hot summer days, the seaside, now, the designers suggest to make it must have at any time of the year, and for any occasion of life. Winter skirts are sewn from denser, and warmer materials, of course, this deprives them of airiness and lightness, but adds a certain charm and style. They perfectly hold the form, and embroidery or a bright print on the fabric, will revive the outfit and attract attention. Wear a winter skirt-the sun follows with blouses, tight sweaters, but volumetric sweaters are not allowed. Belts of any width are only welcome. The skirt will look great with boots on a flat sole, boots or ankle boots are also good.

Summer edition

The variety of summer options for a skirt-sun is amazing. First of all, it is infinitely romantic, flowing and flying multilayered models of light and air fabrics, such as chiffon, silk, and even satin and lace. The top should be held in the same style. It's great if it's a blouse with ruffles made of the same light fabric. Shoes should be selected on the basis of length, a short skirt will look best with slippers on a thin heel. As for accessories, you should not get carried away if the top and bottom are "complex" with lots of details. But if it is permissible, long thin beads harmoniously complement the romantic image.

Very elegant looks a long skirt, the sun made of heavy silk. Thanks to the clarity of the lines, the figure in such a skirt will look spectacular and elegant. Elegantly look models with a bright pattern, especially in the oriental style. The top in such an ensemble should choose a monophonic, well, if it will be in the tone of the skirt, but also a black or white version. It is also better that he was a figure. Shoes fit any, except for coarse and athletic, light sandals in oriental style or elegant shoes will be very handy. Of the jewelry you can choose a massive bracelet or all the same long beads.

Many designers actively use the cut feature. Since the skirt-sun in most cases is made of a single piece of fabric without seams of spectacularity, continuous drawings or embroideries are added to it, sometimes you can see whole works of art.

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