Skirt-shorts: manner models. With what to wear a skirt-shorts

Every modern mannerista follows the latest novelties. And they know that now again become popular skirt-shorts, enjoying great success about a dozen years ago. And it's not surprising. This element of the wardrobe is able to emphasize the stylish taste of its possessor, to give femininity, and also allows the girls to feel comfortable and comfortable. In it, you can go to nature, and to a party, and play volleyball, while not risking putting your underwear on display.

This kind of clothes is more suitable for young people, but if a woman for 40 looks great and has an excellent figure, she can not be afraid to wear a skirt-shorts. But even young, but well-fed girls, it is better to abandon this version of clothing, because slender and beautiful legs - the key to success with this garment. In addition, it is better to go for shopping with a friend. It will be difficult to see all the shortcomings. In front, everything may seem ideal, but behind it, huge disappointments can await. Owners of small height skirt-shorts will help visually lengthen the legs, and accordingly, and growth. To give the image an even better effect will help high heels.

Of course, this element of the wardrobe is not combined with everything. And much depends on the model of the skirt . There are many varieties of them. This and light summer options, and warmer and denser, denim and leather, elongated and short.

A very feminine version is skirt-shorts with floral pattern, three-layered cut, and lace trim along the edges. It will look great with a long monophonic blouse with ruffles in the collar. Exquisitely, but at the same time cute, will look an elongated skirt-shorts of gray shades of silk, especially if the top and bottom it is trimmed with a thin braid.

In summer it is better to wear a short double-layered skirt-shorts of bright orange or yellow with an interesting pattern, or, for example, in peas. And you can supplement the image with a leather thin strap of a brown shade. Wear is recommended with a stylish top or chiffon blouse, light, not screaming tones. An interesting and mannerable ensemble can be a skirt-shorts of medium length made of cotton, of any color, but in a narrow strip. The image is perfectly complemented by a denim jacket and a T-shirt.

One can not help but mention jeans skirts-shorts. They are both trendy, and comfortable, and stylish. And everything comes to them: and any outer clothing, and shoes. Going to the peak in the summer will be a very good decision. And for the evening image, you can buy an exquisite leather skirt, and on top put on a tight-fitting monophonic blouse.

In winter, the short skirt also always helps: it heats better, and helps to look tempting. The fabric for it should be dense and warm. Similar demi-season models are worn with a blazer, ankle boots and a bright scarf. But for sports girls, there is another option: sneakers or sports shoes, knitted leggings and a sports sweatshirt. And, of course, pantyhose or stockings with an unusual coloring must necessarily be in the wardrobe together with a warm skirt-shorts.

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