Skirts of chiffon: manner models. With what to wear skirts of chiffon

Light, flowing chiffon strikes with its splendor. This beautiful and pleasant to the touch material is created in order to favorably emphasize the dignity of the female figure and reliably hide its shortcomings.

Skirts of chiffon for many decades are very popular among the fair sex. Correctly cut chiffon skirt can not only decorate any shape, but also will allow you to feel most comfortable in any weather. Modern designers represent a huge variety of colors and styles of skirts from this amazing material. Chiffon is perfectly combined with beads, paillettes, all kinds of bows, ruffles, flounces, decorated with embroidery and different prints. There are many styles of chiffon skirts that impress with originality, real beauty and style. Long and short, lush and flowing on the figure, in one word for every taste.

Chiffon skirts are great for a warm season, they are not hot and very comfortable. But despite this many leading designers of brand manner houses have chiffon skirts in their autumn-winter collection. This gentle and light fabric is perfectly combined with fur, velvet, leather, suede and knitwear.

You can successfully adjust the figure with a long chiffon skirt that visually lengthens the silhouette, making the woman slimmer. This skirt can be worn in combination with blouses of silk, chiffon, knitted tight tops and t-shirts. In the cold season, a chiffon skirt can be worn with a fur vest, a leather fitted jacket, and a large cardigan cardigan. You can supplement the created image with extravagant accessories. In order to profitably emphasize the waist on top of the chiffon skirt - maxi you can wear a wide belt.

Long skirts of chiffon in combination with a corset made of leather, satin, lace and silk are perfect for social gatherings, formal gatherings, dinner parties and other celebrations. Such an outfit will give the image of airiness, femininity and mystery. A long festive chiffon skirt will suit a woman with any figure and height.

Do not go out of manner skirt with a scent of chiffon. This is a very comfortable style, which is acceptable not only in everyday life, but also on the beach.

A very popular skirt is a skirt made of three or more layers of chiffon. Some models of skirts of this style are decorated with ruffles, bows. The skirt is perfect for discos, parties and is perfectly matched with tight-fitting jerseys, tops, light vests. In the spring-autumn period, it can be worn with leggings and a jacket-kosuhoy. True, this skirt style does not suit everyone. Girls with a full figure, wide hips, this model is better not to wear. But the skirt-pack of chiffon perfectly suits girls with a very slim figure and narrow hips. The skirt-pack will visually enlarge the hips and give the image a femininity.

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