Half-sunny skirt

Half-sunny skirt

In the wardrobe of any mannerista - lovers of a romantic style, there will always be more than one skirt-half sun and a dress with cut hem "sun", "half sun". The manner for this style is repeated periodically, and in our day everything that is pleasant is mannerable and we wear a variety of clothes. Someone chooses it for reasons of aesthetics, someone for reasons of comfort, and someone with clothes emphasizes their eccentricity.

The model "skirt-polusolnce" refers to the style of elegant classic clothes. Features of this model in a cut: two canvases together form a full circle, hence the name: the half-sun. Actually, she is from the model line cutting the sun. Today's manner involves the use of a wide variety of fabrics for this model. Of course, not too heavy, wool and silk, viscose and cotton, jersey, silk-corrugation, taffeta, etc. are appropriate. manner designers use different lengths and different colors to create these feminine skirts. Today they wear monophonic, checkered, small and large peas, with asymmetrical patterns, transparent half-suns.

Lyudmila Gurchenko's wardrobe probably contained not one dozen skirts-half-suns. This model looks divinely in a slender figure.

With what to wear a skirt-half sun

Classics of the genre can be called a combination of a light elongated skirt, half-sock, sandals on a high thin heel, fitting top, a wide belt and a small handbag with a thin strap. This option will easily attract the attention of all party members and ensure that its owner is an undoubted success in the male half.

For summer weather, a multilayer shortened skirt-half-sunshade is made of white or light fabric in combination with an open top. Transparent hem on an opaque coquette is also a summer variant.

For the New Year's Eve, a long skirt-half-sunny dress made of taffeta or other shimmering material with a tight-fitting closed blouse matched in tone or a contrasting hue will suit a large long beads.

Denim, woolen, mixed mixed fabrics of a skirt-polusolntsa suitable for everyday wear. Everyday involves the use of skirts of any length in combination with shoes on a stable heel and a short jacket, worn over a tight sweater or a monotonous turtleneck. This set does not require a bright accessory on the neck: a pendant on a cord or small long beads.

In cold weather, a tight skirt-half sunny can be worn with a short leather or draped jacket, windbreaker, elongated raincoat or coat, short or long boots on a small heel.

Little women of manner are very fond of flared skirts, including a half-sun. Look great at the girls elegant long-layered multi-layered skirts-half-suns with matching in the tone of golf or socks, the same sandals and a blouse with a round neckline. In this outfit, the image of the princess from the fairy tale is provided to the little one on New Year's matinee.

The semi-sunny skirt refers to the left-fledged models, but there is a nuance that when choosing a fabric for such a model, it is necessary to take into account that the skirt details are cut out oblique. Therefore, the details of the fabric in the cage and in the strip are difficult to combine in the seam, and the satin details, especially dark when combined in any case will give a different shade.

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