Skirt patterns for fat women

Full women usually try to hide forms under spacious clothes, thereby making their figure even more cumbersome. But there are many ways to cute women, prone to fullness, to emphasize their femininity and attractiveness. One of them is a correctly selected skirt. The skirt models for full women are very diverse and allow you to give the charm and personality to the exterior look.

Skirts A-shaped silhouette suitable for any shape, including for full. For magnificent figures they are especially good on a hard belt, a kulisk on an elastic band or with a cord. The fabric for such a cut skirt is recommended to be easily draped, flying.

Skirt pencil gives the figure extra sex appeal, piquantly emphasizing the buttocks and beautiful calves. Such a cut of a skirt builds a silhouette and visually tightens the stomach. At the same time, pencil skirts fit well into the official atmosphere of the office and are great for celebratory events. With a weak waist, the skirt of this cut is best combined with a tunic or an elongated blazer, with a heavy lower body with an adjacent or draped top. The length of the skirt can be in a variety of options, depending on how open the woman feels it is to show her legs.

Skirt flares are ideal for women with lush shapes. They are very versatile. Skirt flares are suitable for any season - you just need to choose the right color and fabric. They are perfectly combined with everyday and festive top. Its relevance is preserved almost all the styles flared skirts - six-kilo, godet, bell.

Do not give up full women and from skirts-tulips . Original models with an inflated waist look original. The length of such a skirt depends on the courage of the mannerista, the classic is still an elongated version.

Mature full ladies look beautiful in skirts with frills, which are an excellent option for special occasions. The adjacent edge of the skirt, made of elastic fabric, is best combined with an asymmetrical frill or a wide bottom flat.

Women with magnificent forms should in no case limit themselves to dark colors of skirts. A complete figure can look beautiful in rich color and with contrast prints - it's important that the picture is not very small.

Very important is the texture of the fabric from which the skirts are made. Smooth material provides a better fit, which can not provide a relief boucle or corduroy, capable of visually giving an extra volume to the figure.

Full ladies should give up tight pantyhose, especially in combination with skirts. But recommended shoes with heels, at least a little - it is very slim, making the appearance of a woman feminine and spectacular.

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