Pleated skirt: how to choose and what to wear with

Recently, the pleated skirt has become the garment of every manner-conscious woman. Studies have shown that the first skirt plizse was invented in 2000 BC. in Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. Then it was a piece of clothing exclusively male and so it was already until the XIX century until they were worn by women. Since that time, the pleated skirt remains in vogue, from time to time becoming the top of the sales.

What kind of skirt to choose? Young girls will be very short skirts in the fold, they are associated with us in the school. A long pleated skirt (knee-length or lower) is an excellent option for all occasions, this choice will be appropriate both at a party and at the office.

Since recently, very mannerable steel skirts with vertical folds as much as a heel. Most designers in their new collections have given preference to this particular model. Skirts of this type create a beautiful sensual, airy and romantic image in which every girl will feel like a princess. Thanks to vertical stripes, the effect of harmony and growth of the woman is created. Such skirts will best be looked at with three-dimensional shirts and blouses, so the waist will accentuate. You can use a variant with a translucent blouse and a tight top.

Selection of fabrics and flowers

Speaking about the fabric, it should be said that designers prefer silk, crepe and chiffon, that is, flowing thin materials. Air skirt pleated will look great with clothes made of fur, leather, satin and jeans. By the way, do not attach a lot of accessories, the skirt itself is very attractive.

The manner colors for skirts-pleats this year are very diverse and wide. As a basic thing, stylists recommend choosing beige and white colors. If you like bright colors, then beautifully look painted in purple, red and turquoise colors pleated skirt. If you prefer the classics, then the best choice will be black, gray or brown.

Pleating can be chosen of any size. To skirts-plisse fit and narrow, and wide belts of leather and fabric, can even be decorated with beads and pebbles.

A pleated skirt is best worn by graceful girls, as visually it adds 1-2 sizes to the figure. If you have a magnificent figure, then you should choose a skirt with pleats from the hip. If you do not have a lot of growth, then the ideal option will be a medium-length skirt, since the maxi skirt does not decorate you too much. As for makeup and coiffure, then, to get the maximum effect, they should be light and simple.

  • How to iron a pleated skirt

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