Maxi skirt: styles and models. With what to wear a skirt-maxi

The most attractive element of women's clothing is the skirt, which makes the feminine and elegant woman. The owner of any figure skirt - maxi slits in seconds. It has an ankle length, but recently a popular skirt is long in the floor. Volumetric, curvy, tight-fitting maxi are very practical, and also convenient. Women feel free in them, naturally. For everyday wear, maxi calm tones are best. For parties and holidays - bright, original cut with a variety of details. At the peak of popularity, asymmetrical styles, with interesting cuts that emphasize the waist and emphasize the figure.

It should be noted that maxi goes to almost all women, creating an unusually elegant, feminine silhouette. Options for combinations with such a skirt are a lot: with a volumetric and small top, a shirt and a wide belt, a shirt and vest, a tight sweater and a narrow waist strap and others.

In accordance with the features of the figure, the maxi skirt can be a wide, very voluminous, narrow straight, pleated in the floor. For example, slender tall women can afford multi-layered, stacked styles. But it will be ideal to look at them and a narrow monophonic skirt that will emphasize all the dignity of the figure. This classic model always looks stylish and mannerable. It is desirable that it was dark, had a narrow cover just above the knee. Waist in this case, you need to emphasize the belt or strap.

Women who have a figure far from the standards may consider for themselves a skirt of a moderate cut, an extended down ( skirt-year or skirt-flare ). This style will make them slimmer, pull out the silhouette, successfully hide all the problem areas.

A bright colorful light maxi is wonderful to wear in summer on vacation. If the figure allows, it can be combined with a jacket, loose or fitting top, sporty spacious T-shirts. A fascinating look is a long pleated skirt . When walking, her folds swing and attract attention. Such a skirt is universal, organically fits into any style, very feminine and elegant.

Maxi skirts are combined with any footwear. To them there is literally everything - shoes with heels and without, ballet flats, sandals, slippers, stylized moccasins, platform shoes, ankle boots, high-heeled boots, etc.

It is worth remembering only one rule for maxi: the more it is more voluminous, the more splendid, the shorter and less there must be an upper garment.

The skirt-maxi can be sewn by yourself on a certain pattern you like, taking as a basis a rectangular fabric of the required length and width. And you can - buy in the store. The choice of maxi styles is great for any shape and any taste.

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