Leather skirt: what to wear, styles and models

Leather skirt: what to wear

A leather skirt is a necessary item in any girl's wardrobe, which can combine stylistics, emphasize femininity, and also distinguish her sexuality.

Now in the manner world there are many unconventional styles of leather skirts, which are actively displayed on the world catwalks.

Traditional skirt

This model is presented in the form of a straight style "skirt-pencil" . However, in the current season, new types of leather and its colors were used in making this skirt. Designers of such models offer in different length parameters.

If you want your vintage image with a pencil skirt to look modern, you should pay attention to the combination with other things. The most appropriate outfit will be a top with a knitted jacket, and a girdle.

Trapezoidal skirt with ruffles and pleats

Trapezoidal style combines a flirty and youthful cut. He looks persistently deceptive and innocent, represents the image of a "school mannerista", contains a kind of similarity with "Scotch". Short leather trapezoidal skirts are complemented with a wide belt element.

A successful combination will be a warm jacket, being tucked into a wide belt, this accent brings the effect of a long Basque. To give an ultra-feminine effect, a chiffon blouse can be refilled in a skirt, and this image will best be complemented by a French beret.

The style of the trapezoidal skirt with pleats and frills is part of the "school" image reminiscent of the pleated skirts that came to us from the 60's, and at the same time much shorter than its style becomes more playful.

The style of the skirt has a deep neckline

This leather thing marks the temptation, insolence, seduction and sexuality of its mistress.

Perfectly shows a long leather skirt, which has a deep cut and nesoazoylno showing long legs. Suffice to effectively look like leather skirts, where the deep cutout is made from the front, with veil elements from transparent chiffon fabric, which gives its owner a naughty and piquant image.

Draped Leather Skirt

This "hard" plan is a combination of several wrapped layers of fabric. It can be worn, with improvisation around the hips with layers of fabric. It looks great with dark opaque pantyhose, as well as a wool coat or jacket.

A simple black skirt made of leather with a classic style perfectly matches in light or bright colors of blouses. This combination will bring femininity and lightness to the created image. Bottom, that is, shoes give preference to boats or high-heeled boots, and in hand from a small size handbag-postman or clutch.

A leather skirt with muted autumn shades looks great with light blouses. This image is quite similar to the office version. Accessories with an ecru blouse create a special chic for dark blue leather skirts. In this image perfectly fit - wine, emerald color, as well as chocolate.

An excellent cacheal image will come out if you put on a leather skirt with a warm knitted sweater, boots will come out of shoes at low speed. In addition, the style of a messenger bag or a shopper, and a massive necklace in the color of the skirt will emphasize extravagance.

Perfectly beaten leather mini wine tones with a closed blouse, flirty hat and jacket. And, to emphasize and simultaneously dilute the wine tone can be a jacket of bright color. The presented version is a rescue for real and brave women of manner.

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