Skirt-floss: a mannerable retro. With what to wear a skirt-flap

Looking at the pictures of our moms and grandmothers, and perhaps someone else in the closet, the legacy remains an old skirt-klesh. It is known that everything old and long forgotten by all has a tendency to return to manner, of course in a new image, with a new design and with other accents and variations. So in the past summer season, at the peak of manner, that same grandmother's skirt flashed from light air and flying fabrics, varying in length and color. No doubt, and in the new manner season, she will continue to please us.

Despite the technological progress, the fact that modern ladies tend to be more independent, lead a more active lifestyle and thus most often choose pants because of their convenience and practicality. Definitely, the skirt remains the attribute of the women's wardrobe, which always makes a woman more feminine, elegant and attractive to the opposite sex. Not an exception is a skirt-flap.

Klosh - from the French cloche - the bell. Came from 1813 came to us. We know how to skirts, and pants klesh. But let's talk more about the flared skirt.

The flared skirt is a kind of skirt-the sun , but to the bottom it expands due to trapezoidal wedges, and narrow at the top in the waist or on the hips. She can have a completely different length. Sew these skirts also from various fabrics, both dense and light, soft, durable, almost weightless (for example, chiffon, silk and others).

Skirts-klesh of light fabrics up to the knee or below fit women and girls of medium height with wide, plump hips and slender legs. Thanks to their cut, they hide the excessive completeness in this area. The colors of the fabrics should preferably be monochromatic or with a fine print.

If you have narrow hips and slender legs, models from tight, shape-holding fabrics will suit you, which on the contrary will make your thighs more feminine, round, giving the figure an hourglass shape, or lightweight fabrics with a large pattern. Girls of short stature are not recommended to wear such skirts, since they can fill them up.

Skirts-klesh can be combined with different tops, tunics, interesting blouses and T-shirts. Shoes are also suitable all sorts: both in high heels, and at low speed. Of course, flared skirts can be worn for any occasion and in any circumstances: on vacation, in a cafe for a date, in an office for work, respectively supplementing them with a variety of accessories. Judging by the popularity of this model, we can say that, following the above tips and recommendations, each woman will look mannerable and modern in such a skirt in the coming season.

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