Skirt-goffered: styles and models. With what to wear a skirt-goffered

Currently, corrugated skirts are very popular with women of manner. In manner, both mini and maxi are popular. They always have flare cuts and the silhouette of the bell. In this case, such models conceal excessive completeness, since the entire volume of the product is embedded in folds. Such clothes are suitable for almost all women, but if a girl or woman has a miniature figure, then they should avoid wearing such skirts.

The underside of the corrugated skirt is mainly processed by twisting, stretching it. This gives the models an additional wavy effect. Corrugate the cut, but not stitched product by special technology, placing it under the press, impregnating the fabric with a special compound that fixes the folds. They store the skirts on the hangers on the hangers in the closet. They are never folded across.

Corrugated skirts are not the first time becoming popular, but now they have their own original feature. They are sewn from light and thin fabrics, such as silk or synthetic chiffon. On such materials, folds are best kept. The models of skirts from chiffon are beautiful and feminine. They look particularly good on the figure in motion. Corrugated folds hide the true width of the product and reveal it when walking. Thanks to this effect they can be safely put on the dance floor.

Separate attention deserves a skirt-gofre length maxi. The colors of such models can be both bright and pastel. But the classic black and white color and bordeaux remain relevant always. Skirts flesh-colored always harmoniously combined with different colors. They perfectly emphasize the lightness of the product. Currently, the corrugated skirts are monophonic. They occasionally can be found a small or uniform pattern of this type, such as "milfer" or peas.

The skirt-goffre is always a "soloist" in a suit. Especially if it is bright color. This should be taken into account. And you do not need to overload other things with additional details. It is ideally suited for simple turtlenecks and tops of a tight cut, but in general there are no specific rules for water of what to wear a skirt with a corrugation. It must be remembered that the maximum length of the model gives the female figure a unique sexuality and elegance. After all, many women prefer long models that can be dressed for a festive evening, which would look chic.

Many young girls and women wear corrugated skirts - a half - sun . At present, such a model will surprise no one. It must be supplemented with something. For example, if a girl has long beautiful hair, then she should pick up a hairpin in the form of a flower or a hairpin with rhinestones. Hair can be dissolved or collected in an interesting coiffure. It is necessary to strive for the image to be original and natural. Additional accessories should be added to it. For example, if a girl wants to go out in a skirt, she should choose a small handbag or a clutch. They should be in harmony with the clothes. If she wears it as casual clothes, then you can easily choose a voluminous bag for a skirt.

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