Skirt-year: styles and models. With what to wear a skirt-year

The skirt is an indispensable part of the wardrobe, making the woman refined and elegant. Today, there are many different styles of skirts , among which the skirt-year deserves special attention.

The skirt-year combines a straight and a flared skirt . The upper part is always straight, and the lower part is deliberately enlarged by means of wedges.

A skirt-year can have an average length or a length of maxi. It should be noted that this type of style is suitable for everyone, but only if properly selected fabric, texture, print and color. She favorably emphasizes the dignity of a woman and looks at her harmoniously.

Who is suitable for a skirt-year

Thin girls will look good in a skirt-year with a straight cut of the top and not a tight bottom. In this case, the length of the product can be either midi or maxi.

This style is also ideal for those who want to visually balance the figure. Thanks to the non-volumetric upper part and slightly flared bottom, the skirt is ideal for women with heavy hips, because it will not give extra volume on the hips, at the same time we balance the heavy top with a light airy volumetric bottom.

In addition, this is just an ideal option for girls with shortages of legs, because the length of their skirts is very good to hide.

Thanks to the skirt-year, your image will be especially light, feminine and harmonious.

Most modern collections of mannerable clothes have a skirt-year in their composition. Such popularity is due to her femininity and laconism. That's why she so appears on the catwalks as an element of a wedding or evening gown.

As a result of all possible experiments of designers for skirts-year use cashmere, wool, silk, chiffon. Which give each model a certain zest and charm.

With what to wear a skirt-year

As for what you can combine a skirt with a year, it is worth noting that it looks best in combination with silk and chiffon blouses of the appropriate color. It also fits well with knitted elegant tops, knitted pullovers, cardigans. The combination of all these elements contributes to the creation of a stylish, soft and restrained image, without which it is simply impossible to do without in a business setting.

You can make an evening out in the skirt of the year, along with a stylish top and all sorts of clear accessories.

The rock image will be created thanks to a combination of a skirt with a leather jacket and high heels.

It is also very unusual and interesting to look asymmetrical skirt midi length.

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