Skirt-trousers: manner models. With what to wear a skirt-pants

Sometimes it is not easy to choose between a skirt and trousers. The skirt is better than any other element of the wardrobe, it is possible to emphasize the femininity of its mistress, but the trousers are the most practical and comfortable clothes. However, there is an excellent compromise option, which equally suits lovers of femininity and practicality: skirt-trousers, refined and comfortable at the same time, which is constructively a combination of a long skirt and straight trousers.

The main advantage of a trouser skirt is that it does not constrain movement when walking, as it has a special cut, and allows you to feel confident in any situation. She looks like a skirt, however, as soon as a woman takes a step, it becomes clear that this is a skirt with a secret. The pant-skirt is appropriate both on a festive day and everyday. Especially she likes women who lead an active lifestyle.

We appreciate the skirt-trousers also for its versatility at any time of the year. It's enough just to choose the right fabric: in the winter it should be a soft wool, for spring-summer it is necessary to sew a skirt-trousers from a natural costume fabric.

With what to wear a skirt-pants

However, choosing a skirt-trousers, it is necessary to correlate its style with the figure and age, and also to ensure that it harmoniously looked with the rest of the wardrobe elements. For example, for such a skirt, you should choose a compact top, because it itself, as a rule, is already large enough. Therefore, for such clothes should be worn tight figure sweaters, soft sweaters, turtlenecks. Also, it will look great with classic-cut shirts and light jackets. Depending on the event, which is worn skirt pants, you can pick up and more elegant tops.

Shoes that are worn under the skirt-pants, depends on the proportion of the legs of a woman. It is better for small ladies to choose high heels; for tall ladies, any shoe that has an average and high heel, except, perhaps, a boot, will do.

Of course, most of all the cut of this subject of women's wardrobe will be appreciated by women who have certain drawbacks of the figure. However, even ladies with ideal shapes find this clothing very attractive, and for different reasons. For example, for a business style of clothing , especially for managers, this is a very good way to remind others of the work environment, without losing its femininity.

In conclusion, I want to say that although the skirt-pants were never at the height of manner, she never left the list of mannerable things. Therefore, today every woman can choose a skirt-pants to your liking and be irresistible in it!

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