Asymmetrical skirts

A real gift for women of manner who appreciate all the fresh and interesting innovations in manner are asymmetrical skirts that are present in all collections of mannerable clothes. Such skirts suggest the presence of any kind of asymmetry in style, most often it is short in front and long sometimes turning into a train at the back.

Despite the fact that skirts asymmetric cut, there are a huge number of fans, it's great to work hard before deciding what to combine so interesting, but such a whimsical thing. To do this, you must adhere to only a few rules.

Asymmetric skirt: choose a style according to the figure

It should be noted that such a skirt of skirts, involves the demonstration of the legs in all its glory, so the asymmetry will suit only those of the fair sex who can boast of long and even legs.

For those who consider their legs ideal, one should choose an asymmetrical mini skirt that wants to add volume to the feet - with frills, and those who want to hide the fullness of the legs on the contrary should choose skirts in which the short part is higher than the middle of the thigh.

Asymmetric skirt: what to wear

1. Along with asymmetrical skirts, you should wear high-heeled shoes. The color of shoes should be universal - black, white, flesh-colored or matched in tone to the skirt. It is strictly not recommended to wear shoes with any skirts with such skirts, which will distract from the original style of the skirt .

Some models of asymmetrical skirts suggest a combination with sandals without a heel and even with heavy biker boots.

2. Thanks to the extraordinary versatility, asymmetrical skirts can be worn at any time of the year. In the winter, along with a warm monophonic sweater or jacket and high-heeled boots, and in the summer, along with a simple top or t-shirt, a few ornaments and sandals with a high heel.

3. The versatility of skirts with an asymmetric cut is also justified by the fact that depending on the color and fabric, they are suitable, both for everyday and for the holiday image. If the color of the skirt can be loved, then the fabric of which the skirt is made must be matched to the place. Silk or chiffon asymmetrical skirt, suitable for a holiday, and a skirt made of flax or cotton - for every day.

4. Depending on the fabric, as well as the color of the product, you should decide whether to wear pantyhose. So, with asymmetrical skirts made of thin fabrics in light colors, the presence of tights is not desirable, but for products of dark tones, pantyhose is best suited.

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