Straight skirt: who is suitable, what to wear, how to choose a model according to the figure

The skirt is the most elegant element of the women's wardrobe. The skirt helps to hide some shortcomings and show the dignity of the female figure. There are a lot of different styles of skirts, but the most popular straight style, which became a classic. Straight skirts for cut can be: mini, midi and maxi.

Straight skirt - mini

Straight miniskirts are always in manner. Today, skirts made of knitwear, leather, denim and skirt in a cage are very popular. This style is extremely sexy and indispensable for parties and summer. Wearing a straight short mini skirt, you need to remember that the shorter the skirt, the more modest the decollete and the lower heel should be. Mini-skirts are suitable for girls. Short straight skirts are well combined with sandals, ballet shoes, boots without heels and slippers.

Straight skirt-maxi

Direct maxi skirts today resume their popularity. They can reach the middle of the calf, to the ankle or to close the heel. A straight maxi skirt can be worn with both a volumetric and a tight top. Skirts of maxi length are not suitable for women of small stature.

Straight skirt - pencil

A straight pencil skirt is very sympathetic. This skirt model emphasizes the silhouette and hides all the flaws in the figure, giving sexuality and rigor.

A straight pencil skirt should only be worn with high heels. Boat shoes are perfect for summer, and ankle boots for autumn. When choosing the top, make sure that the neckline is V-shaped. This will give the figure even more rigor. A pencil skirt is perfect for both business meetings and romantic dates. Maxi skirt is combined with blouses tucked inside. Well combined maxi with vests. A direct skirt of maxi can be worn anywhere. In this style the main role is played by style.

Straight skirt: choose a shape by shape

Straight skirts fit any type of figure, the main thing is to choose the right model. Women of high growth should give up too short skirts. Women with appetizing forms do not fit a mini skirt. Their ideal variant is a straight skirt of medium length. Mini skirts fit young girls, middle-aged women ideally fit skirts to the knees and just above the knee, older women should better pay attention to the skirts below the knees. With full hips, you should not choose a tight fitting straight skirt, but also refuse from the tissues of boucle and light shades. Thin girls should try to create a volume in the hip area and pick up a model with patch pockets or choose a mini. Women of short stature should avoid straight skirts below the knee, for them the perfect skirt is above the knee.

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