Trendy Beach Skirts

mannerable beach skirts - 2013, characterized by their light and flirty design, are an indispensable attribute of modern beach manner. And designers do not forget to include such clothes in their current collection. In 2013 the beach skirts look very feminine, romantic, festive and even somewhat provocative. After all, summer is just the time when you want to plunge into the hot embrace of the sun, soak up the golden sand and swim in the gentle sea.

In this season, beach-type skirts are worthy of competition with mannerable sarafans. Since they are not inferior to them in their real beauty, nor in style, but skirts are much more practical. This year it is recommended to select such beach clothes, in accordance with the color or other parameters of the leotard. After all, it is not by chance that famous world brands that specialize in beach manner, present sympathetic sets that consist of swimsuits and skirts.

Beach skirts: manner styles

In 2013, beach skirts are mannerable, both with odor and with cuts, and with ruffles and pleats. So, as you can see, this year the designers decided not to set clear rules for the length of the skirt, they gave absolutely equal chances to all formats. If you are a beautiful representative of the weaker sex, with a smart tan and slender legs, you can look at the "mini" models. But romantic natures, most likely, will make their choice, in favor of beach-style skirts with a free or direct cut. Lovers of something average, can choose the format of "midi", which also has its advantages.

Also quite relevant in this season are models such as " pencil ", they look lightly, and all thanks to the smell and high cuts. Among the most recent trends were also skirts in the Gypsy style, they can be decorated with numerous frills and ruffles. If the model is shortened, geometric folds can appear in the role of the design element in this case, which are located directly in the center.

If you decide to stop your choice on a maxi skirt , then the designers recommend combining it with a separate swimsuit. In this case asymmetric cuts, flaps, low planting, translucent fabrics, as well as contrasting color solutions are welcome. In addition, such a skirt model for the beach can be interpreted as a pareo.

But in general, in 2013, short skirts became more popular than long ones. Especially relevant are trends with a finely black-and-white print, as a decor they can have narrow frills or a cord.

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