What to wear for the New Year 2020

Well-known proverb that how you will meet the New Year, so you will spend it, every woman understands so - the luck of the year depends first of all on what dress you meet him.

Considering that 2020 is the year of the Yellow Dog, you need to pick out the outfit that will best fit the symbolism of the year. And since in all horoscopes this year will be the time of fulfillment of cherished dreams and long-term plans, to cajole the owner of the year with a proper kind is just a sacred matter.

Fabrics for dresses and New Year costumes should be bright and unusual. Beautiful tight dresses to the knees and a little lower - this is undoubtedly the right decision, but they should not restrain movement, and the woman in them should feel comfortable. Therefore, no corsets, tight belts and barely fastened blouses. In the attire should prevail sophistication, and not protruding neckline and mini.

As for the coloring, then the ideal option will be red, orange, gold, shiny dark blue, brown, green.

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New Year's make-up - 2020: the image of a fairy fairy

On New Year's Eve everyone expects at least some magic. Only on New Year's holiday you can afford a bright image with an abundance of sequins and rhinestones, imagine yourself in the guise of the Snow Queen, Snow Maiden or Fairy Fairy.

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New Year's coiffure - 2020

The optimal coiffure for the New Year 2020 is a tall tail and curvy locks laid to the side. But you should not attribute such a hair to the category of everyday. To date, ringlets can often be found on the red carpet, graduation ball and at the wedding ceremony. This coiffure can be diversified with a bright ribbon, a long bang and manner accessories.

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New Year's manicure - 2020

To please the yellow dog, try to make an extraordinary manicure with the image of dog legs or treats, or traditionally in blue with bright gilded sequins, sequins and frosty patterns.

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Ornaments and symbols - 2020 per year Dogs

In particular, when choosing jewelry, it is better to focus on gold and jewelry, made in the style of this precious metal. It is worth noting that the symbol of the year is the image of dog's legs, so rings, pendants or bracelets with this symbolism will bring their mistress luck.

Shoes should also be beautiful and elegant, best of all high-heeled shoes. For example, you can take comfortable shoes for dances, and for beautiful photos, or make a haircut so that by removing two or three hairpins, it easily blossoms.

In general, the main rule of creating the image for the New Year 2020 is the use of sequins in everything, but at the same time the dress itself should be luxurious, but not vulgar.

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