Mini-skirt: who is suitable, what to wear, how to choose the best model

Any modern woman wants to look mannerable and like others. What tricks she does not go to please a man. An irreplaceable assistant to every girl or woman in this matter is, strangely enough, her clothes and taste. Mini skirt - one of the main attributes of the girl's wardrobe. Wearing a short skirt, a woman feels much younger and attracts the views of men, which is important for every woman. Modern women actively wear mini-skirts regardless of age and position in society.

manner does not stand still and every year presents us with new models. Mini skirts have always been popular, at least for the last 50 years, and now also do not cease to amaze with their different styles. There are a huge number of models of mini skirts: tight-fitting, skirts with a smell, flared, in the form of a trapezoid, pleated, skirts-tulips , with ruffles, with inflated and low waists, sun skirts, flared skirts and many other styles of skirts . All of them are sympathetic in their own way.

With what to wear a mini-skirt?

But do not forget about the features of the figure. So, for example, if a girl has fluffy hips, then it is better to wear bulky flared models, and with narrow hips, preference should be given to tight and pleated skirts. Girls with extra pounds should not wear mini skirts with ruffles, they give the figure an additional volume. And the owners of not too long legs will look great models skirts with an overstated waist in the form of a trapezoid.

In addition to the figure, it is of great importance with what it is necessary to wear a mini-skirt. This issue should be approached very responsibly. Yes, a mini-skirt is a universal thing, but at the same time, others may have an incorrect impression due to the ineptly picked up rest of the clothes. So, short skirts look good with cardigans, jackets, in the cold season - with knitted sweaters. You should not wear too frank blouses together with miniskirts, in this outfit there is a risk of appearing too vulgar. In the summer, short skirts acquire the greatest popularity, they are worn in combination with a topic or with a light blouse, and you can supplement the image with sunglasses and a handbag.

As for the shoes, mini-skirts look great boots, boots, shoes with low heels, as well as sports shoes, since the mini-skirt fits perfectly into the sports style . If you comply with at least these unspoken rules and slightly understand the manner, a mini skirt can perfectly complement the image of any modern woman.

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