Pencil skirt: what to wear

In our time, there are a lot of styles of skirts , which allows each woman to choose a suitable option for the type of figure .

The most popular is the pencil skirt. This style, has a sculptural silhouette that emphasizes the real beauty of the hips. Women who have very narrow hips or vice versa, such models are contraindicated.

It is believed that the prototype of this kind of model was a long and very narrow skirt, which was mannerable in the 20th century, it was then called "a lame skirt." In it, women should have beaten to move very small steps. Then she had a shorter length, and she also had a cut that allows her to move freely.

The classical length of the skirt is up to the knee, but can be slightly lower or higher. The very fabric of this model is often decorated with buttons, but can also be decorated with rhinestones, bows and others. A pencil skirt in our time can be made from different fabrics, from an atlas to a denim fabric.

This skirt is excellent for both evening manner and office. For example, a good example for a business lady's attire will be a pencil with an overstated waist. And, as for young women of manner, here you can advise the model is shorter with denim.

The pencil skirt is very well combined with different details of clothes and is appropriate for all occasions. To create a business style , it is best to combine it with shirts or with jackets. For informal style it is best to pick up some top. In cold weather it is better to wear it with a jumper or a turtleneck. For a romantic style, a silk blouse is a good fit.

Accessory "pencil" are the heels, which will give any woman a sexuality. Shoes with low heels do not combine with such a skirt at all. A small handbag will emphasize the image.

This style is so good that it suits ladies of any age. Monochrome pencil skirt is a must-have modern business lady.

This season will be very popular models of skirts with an inflated waistline . Popular will be the different patterns that Missoni prefers.

Skirt "pencil" in the classical style should be monochrome, but times change and now bright colors are relevant. Designers of women are recommended models of different colors, they are very effective. But such an effective bottom will need to pick up such an upper hand.

About texture, if you speak, now very popular leather skirts - pencils.

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