American skirt: what to wear

Women, girls and girls who dream to emphasize the natural real beauty of their silhouette should pay close attention to the original model - an American skirt. This element of the women's wardrobe is characterized by a playful style, romanticism and airy tenderness of the fabrics from which it is sewn. The American skirt is able to visually reduce the female waistline and emphasize the hip line. The model is ideal for all girls of any age, as well as young slender women who do not have visible problems with the figure.

American is a lush, upbeat skirt with numerous flounces underneath. The main design idea of ​​sewing a model is that a layer of fabric is placed on the satin lining in several rows, the amount of which depends on the splendor of the skirt. The upper fabric should be necessarily light, so in this case, perfectly fit organza, chiffon or tulle. In the lower layers of the skirt, it is allowed to use a fabric of a more dense structure than the density of the material of the upper layers.

Due to the fact that the American skirt itself looks very festive and elegant, it is more appropriate to use fabrics of neutral colors for its tailoring. The model is made to sew in monochrome, but a combination of two colors similar to each other is allowed. Typically, the second color, which is used on the flounces below, serves for a shade of the primary color of the fabric from which the main part of the skirt is sewn.

American skirt can of any length: short, medium length and "on the floor." A short skirt looks great on little girls of any age, young girls and women with beautiful slender legs and a flat tummy. If a woman has something to hide in her figure, then the latter two options should be preferred. Skirts - American women are not recommended for plump women with voluminous hips.

With what to wear an American skirt

American skirt allows you to easily change the image, the main thing is to learn how to combine it correctly with other clothes. For example, for the top is ideal corset, which has a lacing on the back or chest. In addition, you can still wear a turtleneck, a chiffon blouse, a jacket or an original T-shirt with prints. On legs pantyhose or leggents of any colors will approach. However, if the skirt is white, then you should prefer transparent skin tights. In shoes, you should choose ballet shoes or high-heeled shoes or a platform. As an ornament, you can use bright costume jewelry or beads from pearls.

It is generally accepted that an American skirt is an elegant and festive element of clothing. Therefore, it is often worn by little girls for their morning performances and celebrations. It is customary for an American woman to dress women who are engaged in ballroom dancing or take part in support groups at sporting events.

Today, an American skirt is already safely used as a daily element of clothing. Girls are boldly dressed for evening meetings, festive parties or for a hike in a nightclub. Such clothes will be interesting to look at the photos, therefore, without hesitation it can be taken at the photo session. In any case, in an American skirt, every lady will surely feel like a real princess!

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