Foot care

foot care

Caring for the soles of the feet is very important with the numbness of the foot and changes in its shape. To maintain a gentle and smooth skin on your feet, follow these recommendations:

Deformation of the foot is often associated with an increase in blood sugar levels. Therefore, the level of glucose in the blood should be as close to normal as possible.

Pay special attention to self-massage. On the foot there are many points responsible for the work of internal organs. For 10-15 minutes, massage your fingers and feet, rubbing the foot cream.

Try not to smoke, because this can cause a deviation in the level of sugar in the blood, which, in turn, can cause foot problems.

Wash your feet with warm water and antiseptic soap.

Apply on the foot and fingers (but not between the fingers) two thin layers of lotion for the skin.

Remove excess lotion from the nails, and between the toes, place cotton swabs or special spacers.

Do not wear shoes without socks.

Do not abuse baby powder or talcum powder.

Before you get worn, dry your feet dry, especially between the toes.

Regularly massage the feet and ankle.

Pumice stone remove hard growths on the soles of the feet. But do not rub too hard, enough effort. Remember, if you cut the burrs with scissors, they will grow again, and the skin will become rougher. If you use gentle pumice and a special cream for this, then everything will be ok, otherwise it can lead to irritation.

Use an antiseptic cream to protect your feet from overcooling and heating.

Regularly cut nails on the toes - they accumulate fungal infections.

Immediately treat all wounds on the soles of the feet.

Daily exercise for the feet, for example, go barefoot on the grass for 15 minutes.

The flow of blood to the feet should be good. To do this, try placing a pillow or a folded blanket under your feet, so that your feet are at a higher level than the body.

Do not wear too tight socks. Socks should be comfortable and soft.

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