Diet Kim Protasov

diet Protasova


The length of the diet is five weeks.

First and second week

Raw vegetables, mostly non-starchy. All kinds of cheeses and yoghurts of five percent fat content. One boiled egg. Three green apples. Coffee, tea, naturally without sugar, water - at least 2 liters a day, in any quantity and at any time of the day.

The third, fourth and fifth week

All the same, plus a piece of meat, poultry or fish. Several cut cheeses and yogurts.

The main advantages and disadvantages of Kim Protasov's diet

The diet of Protasov is amazingly good because it does not limit the amount of food that is very good from a psychological point of view. To sustain such a diet is easier than many others.

The diet of Protasov brings order to metabolism, bringing it close to optimal functioning. Due to the absence of carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, the functioning of the pancreas is normalized and the craving for sweet is suppressed.

Thanks to a large number of dairy products, the body receives a sufficient amount of protein, as well as calcium and lactose. This contributes to the loss of fat tissue while maintaining and even building muscle.

The diet prescribes to eat a large number of non-starchy vegetables, and this - vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fiber. Nourishing and useful! Adjusts the work of the intestines. If, of course, really eat vegetables to the maximum. And then, after all, "separately taken protests and protasovtsy" tried to drink three liters of kefir and eat a couple of kilograms of white cheese a day with a miserable cucumber-tomato, but somehow so quickly and missed ...

The fat content in the Protasov diet is limited, but fat as such is not expelled. This is very correct.

Why in the first weeks Protasov forbids meat? Apparently, because of fat. Even in lean meat fat is decent, it can be seen from any tables of the composition of products. But in principle, you can find something completely-completely lean, such as a breast of turkey or chicken, or lean fish. Fat of fish, by the way, does not bother to lose weight, but it helps, but we are not talking about this now. The diet of Protasov in the first weeks of many does not fit his monotony.

To make the initial breakthrough and get rid of cravings for sweets, the Protasov diet can be approached. If, of course, you are located in its internal warehouse. A possible solution is to start with the third week, and then after all to the same legal apple to add other fruits, vegetable oil, something grain and turn this option into your own food model. Or just start with this very own model.

How to get out of Protasov's diet?

Part of dairy products (not all!) We take completely fat-free (0.5-1% fat content), and in compensation we add vegetable oil to salads. For a day - no more than 15 g of vegetable oil (this is 3 teaspoons). That is, part of the animal fats is replaced by an equivalent amount of vegetable. For information: in three olives one and a half grams of good fat, in three large pieces of almonds, too, one and a half. Accordingly, if you eat olives or nuts, then reduce the amount of oil.

We think of fats all the time! No more than 30-35 grams per day for everything - about everything, including fats, in dairy, meat, fish, salad, in a fry-park and eggs (4-6 g fat in the yolk); two apples from three are replaced with some other fruits (but not very sweet and, of course, not bananas, not mangoes and not dried dates); in the morning instead of vegetables we eat porridge (preferably from coarse Hercules) at the rate of 1-2 table. a spoonful of dry cereal for a corresponding volume of water. Serving volume - up to 250 ml. To porridge - low-fat cottage cheese, plus vegetable salad; replace some of the dairy products with lean meat, chicken and other sources of protein more.

These changes need to be introduced not all at once, but gradually. Not adding a whole cookbook at once, but replacing something for something to expand the range, satisfy the taste, add vitamins, minerals, trace elements. And all this - with a small, if not zero, increase in calories. This is the basis for an exit from Protasov's diet.

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