Pearl diet

Modern dietology offers many different ways to lose boring weight without risk to health. These selection of food are based on vegetables, fruits, porridges, water, fermented milk products. It is these simple foods that contain amino acids, nutrients and vitamins to stabilize the functioning of our body systems. Such products include pearl barley or pearl barley, as we used to call it.

Benefits of a pearl diet

Completely vain pearl barley is crossed out from the menu of modern housewives. But there is a lot of magnesium, nickel, bromine, manganese, phosphorus and calcium in it. In addition to these elements, the pearl barley is rich in vitamins B, E and PP.

Pearl diet will help reduce fat folds and prevent the appearance of new ones. Helping the process of collagen production, pearl barley, no worse than an expensive cream, smooths wrinkles and rejuvenates the entire body. In the croup there are proteins, thanks to which you can cope with allergies, and fiber will take care of the established work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Perhaps, from all known selection of food on cereals, pearl barley is the most effective and budgetary. Dieticians and everyone who has tried a diet, say about leaving 1 kilogram per day. This is a good way to lose weight. Due to what happens weight loss in the early days? Cleansing the body of toxins, croup produces the first kilograms. Then begins to burn fat, which is the main goal of any diet program. And physical exertion will only help.

Menu of pearl diet

No matter how hard you try, the diet menu will be monotonous. Since the diet itself is designed only for five days, it is not so difficult to sustain it. If there is a desire, you can extend it up to a week. Perish porridge should be eaten at least twice a day. Categorically impossible: coffee, smoked products, alcohol, flour, muffins, sweets and soda.

How to cook porridge? In the evening, soak the pearl barley, and in the morning to cook a soft porridge. Cook it on the water for about an hour. Counting the portion, you need to remember that the volume of cereals will be increased 5 times.

  • Eating porridge is necessary without salt and oil, with a minimum of spices, only greens are allowed.

  • Breakfast can be varied by adding apple or prune to the pearl bar.

  • For lunch, in addition to cereal, you can eat some raw vegetables, boiled fish or meat.

  • Instead of barley porridge for dinner, you can eat about 100 grams of cottage cheese or drink a glass of kefir.

    For five days of the diet should go about 5 kilograms, in addition to the visual effect, the intestine will work and the body will be rejuvenated. The end result is worthwhile to suffer a monotonous menu of cooked pearl barley!

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